GHP Q1 2021

50 GHP / Q1 2021 , Nov20018 When it comes to payment, there’s nothing quite like the instantaneous transfer of cash. For many years now, the teamat Medicash have been helping people across the United Kingdom to take a positive approach to their health. We take a closer look at this incredible firm, to see not only how it has survived somuch upheaval, but how it has managed to thrive in a 21st Century economy. Money Maestros Medicash stands apart as one of the UK’s oldest and largest healthcare cash plan providers. Having built up such a strong reputation within in the industry, they have become the default name for many businesses and individuals alike. Over 300,000 people rely on the team’s efforts to keep them healthy when they need it most. Medicash’s beginnings were humble indeed, and go back a century and a half to 1871. The business was originally started to help the financing of voluntary hospitals in Victorian times, later becoming the Penny in the Pound Fund. Over the years, the name and the ambition of the business has changed to meet the needs of the healthcare systems in place, but at the heart of the firm was a determination to enable people to take a more positive approach to their health. Rather than avoiding everyday health treatments due to cost, people can access the treatments they need when they need them. The company have also evolved to cater for the increasing desire for business to look after their most important asset, their people. Wellbeing is now a boardroom topic and Medicash are poised to help businesses and individuals alike. Of course, the trust which many people put in the firm is well placed. The team have been awarded the Investor in Customers Gold Award for exceptional customer service, for the last seven years in a row. This is the highest accolade, and the team at Medicash are the only health cash plan provider to achieve this level of accreditation. It shows not only how unique their approach is, but how much of a success it has been both for the business and its clients. Policyholders turn to Medicash because they enjoy its long reputation. This is not to say that it holds values that are outdated. Instead, the team has taken the time to adapt to the needs of the 21st Century. For people today, Medicash is not a relic of the past, but an embodiment of the best that the 21st Century can be. Their policies are second-to-none, providing the vital support that people need when they need it most. With such a long history of success behind them, we’re sure that they’ll continue to be a mainstay of the health community for years to come. Company: Medicash Contact: Paul Gambon Email: [email protected] Web: