GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 51 , Nov20177 Howmuch does your appearance mean to you? For the teamat Beautopia CosmeticMedicine, appearance isn’t just vanity, it’s a key part of your health. They specialize in the latest and greatest cosmetic techniques. With the firm’s exceptional methods recognized in GHP’s rolling series on Global Excellence, where it wonMost Innovative Liposuction Technique, 2021 – Texas, we thought we’d take a closer look to find out more. Beauty in Everything When the doors of Beautopia opened in 2009, the aim was simply to enable their patients to look and feel their best. The last decade has done nothing to dim this view, in fact it has encouraged the team to look to new techniques that can assist them in their efforts. Using the latest in technology, they are the provider of choice when it comes to cosmetic medicine. Those who turn to Beautopia want procedures that not only maximize their appearance, but their well-being too. The team offer treatments including Tumescent Liposuction, fat transfers, joint repair, hair restoration, continence and sexual function improvements, not to mention a range of injectables and laser treatments and a host of other procedures. With so much to chose from, the advice of the physician is key. The environment at Beautopia is designed to be private and boutique. Any discussions around appearance are done one-on-one, with no overlap. Having the time and the space to work out issues is key to the Beautopia approach, especially in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and overall comfort of the patient. As the team operates out of the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex, it boasts an extraordinarily diverse client base. People from different backgrounds, with different appearances and different well-being issues come to take advantage of what the Beautopia team have to offer. The outreach of the business takes the time to appeal to all of these different groups, providing a way forward for many that is desperately needed. The focus on meeting client needs is always at the forefront of how Beautopia operates. The techniques they use focus on leveraging what the body offers to heal and improve as far as possible. Other providers will dig into the body, but the team at Beautopia take what is there and enhance through the least invasive techniques possible. The success of the team is a credit to the staff who undertake this work, finding ways forward that are innovative and practical in equal measure. As a boutique firm, the team have built up a trustworthy base of experienced and caring nursing, assistant and support staff teams. What binds them together is the focus on the needs of the patient. Naturally, this makes recruitment opportunities fairly limited, but it means that the team works together incredibly well, with each part of the organization knowing what is required of them to achieve success. As time has gone on, the team has encountered new challenges in the form of treatments. There are so many new techniques on the market, it can be difficult to discover which is likely to be the most effective in a specific scenario. In order to ensure that the practice has access to the relevant information, lead practitioner, Dr Polit, actively participates in a number of advanced global industry groups including the American Board of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine, the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. It’s this commitment to exploring the options and opening the doors to new techniques that has allowed the team at Beautopia to achieve such high standards within the beauty industry. Their focus on patients is to be commended, as it drives the team to look for even higher standards with every passing day. Company: Beautopia Cosmetic Medicine Contact: Dr. Tammy Polit Web: Email: [email protected]