GHP Q1 2021

52 GHP / Q1 2021 , Sep201003 Dairy products have long been amainstay of human diet, but over the last few years, alternatives have become increasingly popular across the world. The teamat Tempus Dynamics are one of the leading names on the national stage. Named as Best Nutritional Soy/Powdered DrinkManufacturer - South Africa in GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020. We take a closer look to find out more. Drinks Supplier Secures Success Based in Kommetjie, Cape Town, the team at Tempus Dynamics have become internationally renowned for their work in the manufacture of soy-based products. Their expertise in the field is second to none and has brought them astonishing levels of success within the industry. As a 100% woman owned company, the firm stands apart as a beacon of success for the region. The range of products that Tempus Dynamics can offer their clients is incredibly varied. Within the firm’s factory, a selection of milk alternative powders, lactose and casein free soy milk, protein powders, energy drinks, nutritional shakes and slimming drinks are produced to the highest standards. To guarantee the quality of what is produced for customers, the team make everything in their GMP certified factory, adhering carefully to a closely monitored food management system. This sits alongside a comprehensive system that see the production of food audited frequently. The team provides their products to all prisons, clinics, day hospitals and tertiary hospitals within South Africa. The quality that they provide has brought them this unique contract to supply. Of course, such success means that the team’s products are not only in demand within South Africa, but gradually on the international stage. Their nutritional supplements are taken around the world, with markets continuing to ask for more products in higher quantities as the years go on. Producing high quality products means that the team at Tempus Dynamics has brought together an impressive range of people too. The staff are highly qualified within their field, able to provide whatever knowledge is needed to create the perfect drink for customers. Dieticians, food technologists, food scientists and a pharmacist form part of the team, each offering their unique perspective on a situation in order to guide a project to commercial and health success. The nature of the Soy industry means that Tempus Dynamics must explore research and development constantly. Nothing is ever seen as good enough, and can always be improved. Sometimes, the team takes on specific projects on behalf of customers, delivering soy solutions that match bespoke specifications. The nature of Tempus Dynamics means that the team are able to provide a full-service solution for their clients. This covers manufacturing, packaging and R&D. These products are created entirely in-house, and are completed to the same high standards set elsewhere in the business. The success of Tempus Dynamics is a credit to the team and their tireless efforts. We celebrate their success today, and into the future as they forge a path that reflects the great potential of South Africa within the drinks manufacturing industry. Company: Tempus Dynamics Contact: Tamaryn Carelse Email: [email protected]