GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 59 , Sep20765 CarolinaMedical Center is modern Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine centre based inWarsaw. As internationally recognised experts in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and injuries, their specialists regularly cooperate between disciplines to provide comprehensive treatments. They collaborate in the use of Orthopaedics, Spinal Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging and Rehabilitation to help patients of all ages to live active lives. Global Trailblazers in Locomotive Medicine Since 1998, Carolina Medical Center have been using proficient surgical and non-invasive treatments to build a reputation as the undisputed leader in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Poland. The spectrum of their treatments is wide-reaching; however, they specialise in arthroscopy - also called keyhole surgery - for all joints. Patients benefit from the latest solutions in the treatment of spinal diseases, including minimally invasive surgery techniques such as endoscopic operations. Carolina Medical Center’s ambition is to create an orthopaedic and sports medicine centre which meets the highest global standards. Their doctors and medical team members work by a golden rule to understand the patient prior to treatment and to become their protectors and advisors. Dedicated to providing quick recovery, Carolina Medical Center use therapeutic methods which minimise their patients’ period of convalescence. Their knowledgeable and cooperative approach allows patients to remain professionally and physically active throughout treatment. Due to the clinic’s broad experience in treating professional sportspeople they can ensure the fullest level of recovery. Participants in competitive sports need to be able to push their bodies to the absolute limit of human ability and therefore the highest level of medical care is required to ensure they are functioning at an optimum level. In a profession that inevitably involves injury, these athletes need specialists like those at Carolina Medical Center who can help them stay ahead of the competition. Although the practice predominantly focuses on professional athletes, members of Olympic teams and adults who play sports recreationally, they are also fully capable of treating children with orthopaedic injuries. Carolina Medical Center understands that children live naturally active lives and are prone to injury. This commonly results in children sustaining injuries more often than adults and their susceptibility to pain means that they need exceptional care. It is essential that the healing process is measured and monitored to reduce the risk of any future side effects or related problems in later life. Children are constantly developing, so it is up to therapeutic specialists to ensure this development is not impeded or damaged. In an appointmentbased or emergency context, Carolina Medical Center is thoroughly experienced and skilled in providing the necessary care to patients of all ages. In order to maintain the highest performance in care, Carolina Medical Center cooperates with various sports associations and clubs to widen its experience and skills. Their superior expertise has resulted in them receiving Ministry of Health accreditation to provide internships and training to doctors all over the world. The clinic ensures that staff are kept up to date with global medical knowledge and practices, meaning that their specialists are leaders in their field. These experts have had several academic papers published as well as appearing in hundreds of articles about Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. Additionally, many of them have also given public lectures on their individual disciplines. This drive to consistently improve and remain at the forefront of their field has meant that the clinic has held the Total Quality Management Certificate (ISO9001:2015) in Complex Medical Care since August 2004. Carolina Medical Center are constantly researching and using the latest technology available within the disciplines they practise in. For instance, the clinic has introduced joimax® into their practice; an endoscopic spinal surgery device which allows for minimally invasive treatment of hernias and spinal stenosis. One of their surgeons, Jacek Laskowski, MD PhD, also performed hip joint surgery using a custom-made prosthesis from Symbios Company in 2019. As well as employing cuttingedge technology, the clinic conducts their own innovative scientific research projects. One of their projects, named START, involves research into the use of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in the reconstructive process of Achilles tendon tissue regeneration. The project culminated in the creation of a valuable publication that discusses the rehabilitation of patients after reconstruction of their Achilles tendon. Alongside this ground-breaking research, the project also meant that patients received comprehensive imaging diagnostics, surgical treatment, and postoperative rehabilitation services free of charge. The clinic develops their own skills and processes, but also helps other practitioners to do so all whilst helping patients at the same time. As eminent thought leaders in their field the clinic have been named as one of the top 10 medical centres in the world by the International Medical Travel Journal. Furthermore, they were certified by the International Football Federation as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. Carolina Medical Center are globally renowned as an innovative authority in a wide variety of medical disciplines and frequently receive patients from other countries. Their contributions to a plethora of medical disciplines educate doctors worldwide and help medical treatments to advance internationally. Contact: Danuta Milanowska Company: Carolina Medical Center Web: