GHP Q1 2021

6 GHP / Q1 2021 , Jul20210 The world of hair is one that many people approachwith no small amount of caution, whether it be considering a new trim, thinking about a new colour, or making a drastic change to its length. Taking care of your hair can give a person no small amount of confidence, and it is this confidence that people take with them into all manner of life experiences. However, when a person loses their hair, that does not mean that the confidence has to go altogether. Instead, hope endures in the formof Juvida Clinics. Discover why we awarded this outstanding clinic the title of Most Trusted Hair Transplant Clinic of 2020, the UK, last year. Happy Hair at Juvida Clinics Hair is something that many people place a great amount of emphasis on, as it can seriously affect an individual’s confidence and feelings about themselves. For those that lose their hair, whatever the circumstances surrounding that, there can sometimes come feelings of inadequacy or a distinct lack of self-confidence. It is at times like this the team at Juvida Clinics can help restore some of that lost confidence, providing lifechanging hair transplants that result in quality looks and ultimate comfort. The team at Juvida Clinics is wholly dedicated and committed to ensuring that every patient that walks into the clinic is able to receive nothing but the best in terms of natural-looking results that are achieved using the very latest innovations in hair transplant treatment. Being able to look youthful, vibrant, and full of life is exactly what the team strives for, and the clients can have their hairline and confidence restored at the same time. The firm’s name, “Juvida”, is an amalgamation of words that represent what it stands for, with “Juve” acting a prefix to youthfulness, and “Vida” meaning life. This combination of youthfulness and life is what the clinic seeks to give to every client that walks through its doors. Restoring a hairline is about more than just giving someone back their hair; it is about creating a sense of confidence that has possibly been lost with the loss of hair. Juvida Clinics understands that a lack of confidence may also stop people from seeking out the services of the clinic itself. That is why the staff team takes great care and enormous pride in their ability to be caring, professional, and deliver a stress-free service at all times. Ensuring that a patient feels calm enough to seek out professional help regarding their hair loss is imperative to Juvida Clinics, and it has certainly achieved that today. At Juvida Clinics, the facility is a purpose-built clinic that boasts a spa-like feeling for those that are seeking a peaceful and tranquil environment in which to consider their various hair-related choices. The serenity of the facility means that every client feels at ease and comfortable throughout the duration of their consultation, treatment, and aftercare plan. All of the staff members also drive themselves to succeed for their clients. Everything is done for the clients. The hair transplant surgeons themselves are driven by a passion to maintain youthfulness, as per the name of the firm itself. Surgeons always work a key aim of restoring a hairline and, by default, a youthful appearance, and confidence that clients once had. One of the ways that Juvida Clinics ensures that the client feels at ease from the get-go is by offering a free consultation with its knowledgeable team. This no-obligation and totally free consultation represents the perfect opportunity for prospective clients to ask those burning questions and find an ideal treatment that works for them. Hair transplant treatments take many forms and can serve many purposes, and finding the ideal treatment is absolutely imperative. This allows the client to do that before jumping into any decisions about what to do with their hair following a treatment. With treatments that have been meticulously designed to suit all manner of budgets and conditions, Juvida Clinics has quickly carved out a reputation for being the instant choice for many clients, including celebrities. Focusing on several key areas of service, the team at Juvida Clinics specialises in hair loss treatments. What makes the clinic unique to the myriad of others on the market is its ability to treat patients over a long treatment time, actively trying to prevent hair loss on a more permanent basis than its competitors. Rather than treat problems as they arise, the clinic instead seeks to solve the problems on a long-term basis and give clients their confidence and hairline back for good. Juvida Clinics always strives to do what is best for client. Simple, yet effective. It is this philosophy which has seen the firm go from success to success, delivering outstanding service to every client that seeks it. There are a number of treatments that Juvida Clinics offers, and each one offers something different to each patient. When people first begin to look into the possibility of hair transplant surgery, one of the first and most prominent treatments they discover is that of Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. Though it may initially appear as quite complex and intimidating, FUE is actually neither of those things and has no reason for the patient to feel anxious. Many individuals around the world have undergone this treatment with great success, and Juvida Clinics can ensure that same success for its patients. FUE is the most common advanced hair transplant technique, and involves the doctor administering a local anaesthetic prior to creating a circular incision around a follicular unit in the donor area.