GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 61 , Oct20372 As a leader in the hair loss industry, National Hair Loss offers the world’s most advanced treatments in hair restoration and aesthetics. Founder, Carly Klein, shares her enthusiasm for improving people’s quality of life through the company’s innovative treatments. Helping You To Feel and Look Your Best National Hair Loss (NHL) provides concierge care, cutting-edge medical treatments, and customised patient care, fuelled by the passion to give people their self-confidence back. Quickly becoming the most wellrounded centre for hair loss and skin aesthetics excellence, NHL was founded in 2007 by Carly Klein, who found her passion whilst working as Vice President of a Dermatology group in Scottsdale. With more than a decade of working with hair loss clients, she grew a love for helping with all aspects of hair. Serving clients across the nation and internationally, Carly is an industry leader and speaker in the hair restoration field. NHL was established to help others renew and restore their confidence. Carly established one of the first Cancer programs to help achieve accelerated hair regrowth and increase funding to specific charities while bringing community awareness. Carly’s compassionate approach is what sets NHL aside from other hair loss competitors. Each new patient at NHL receives a custom consultation and individual program, whether they’re dealing with autoimmune, genetic, or chemo induced hair loss. NHL offers various programs and innovative therapies to promote healthy hair in addition to a private salon that has specific extensions and additions for hair loss clients. Known for offering extensive programs for women, men, and children, in addition to utilising Telemedicine, NHL follows up with every client to track their progress and ensure results. “Every client is unique,” explains Carly. “They need to be treated as such and we take pride in being education leaders in the industry while taking a compassion-based approach.” Many hair loss facilities are geared towards men. NHL takes a team approach for anyone who has searched for solutions to their unexplained hair loss or thinning. While the fitness and nutrition landscape has seen a rise in recent years, many are looking for holistic alternatives to traditional treatments while wanting to be treated as a whole. NHL has introduced a new Root Mapping test due to the increasing amount of people who are dealing with autoimmune, thyroid, stress, postpartum, or pregnancy induced hair loss. “Your hair breaks down data contained in your DNA, holding up to 90 days of data in a single strand. Stress and environment play a vital role and can weaken immune systems, in turn depleting your hair, skin, and nails and NHL has seen an increasing number of younger patients.” While hair loss can occur in any age group or walk of life, NHL has a program for patients of all lifestyles, working extensively with those who are experiencing an internal affect from stress, environment, and dietary deficiencies. “By addressing internal concerns through the Root Mapping Test, we optimise the body’s full performance and identify underlying contributors of hair loss.” Despite the pandemic sweeping the globe, NHL was an early-adopter of remote business operations having been implementing virtual consultations for years. However, Carly noticed a definite increase in patient’s interest over the last 12 months, as well as a willingness to connect virtually. “We felt very prepared and equipped,” she says. “It makes us happy that we can now access even more patients all over the world who may have been apprehensive of tele-health prior to COVID-19.” Looking to the future, Carly is confident that business will continue to be healthy and she is resolute in remaining dedicated to helping people get their lives back on track through innovative her hair loss treatments. Company: National Hair Loss Contact: Carly Klein Website: