GHP Q1 2021

68 GHP / Q1 2021 , Jun20098 Using innovative technology has helped skin care brand NOONAesthetics to use its breakthrough products to gainworldwide appeal. We find out more about the successful brand in Advanced Esthetics Solutions’ extensive portfolio. The Cream Of The Crop In Advancing Latest Skincare Technology Skin care is a notoriously competitive market where new developments can be the all-important ingredient to make a product stand out from the crowd. When skin care connoisseur and prominent chemist Masha Minkin teamed up with technology innovation specialist Eran Rosman, they embarked on a partnership that would see them make a game-changer in the aesthetic market. Together, they founded NOON Aesthetics in 2012 - a professional skincare brand that using DermShield™ technology that offers the most effective skin treatments without common side-effects. Since then, the brand manufactured in Israel has gone from strength to strength in the international skincare market and is now distributed by Advanced Esthetics Solutions Limited(AES) in 27 countries worldwide. That includes a recent push into the UK market over the past year, where it is currently focussing its marketing efforts. “What sets NOON Aesthetics apart is the ability to offer the most effective skin treatments without common side effects such as irritation, burning, redness and an unpleasant sensation during use - this is due to our patent additive Dermshield,” explains Masha Minkin, who spent years operating a top-rated professional aesthetic clinic and has a background working in a medical trials laboratory. “There is no other skin care line within the UK market that can offer the concentration levels of NOON Aesthetics products for the treatment of skin conditions without side-effects. “Dermshield allows our products to contain active ingredients at breakthrough concentration levels with a pH under 1, thus allowing the product to penetrate to the dermis layer of the skin. This technology inhibits the Type C nociceptors – the skin receptor felt by chemical irritants - slowing down the transmission to the brain preventing the usual sideeffects.” It means NOON’s skincare homecare products can be used during pregnancy and allows its chemical peels to appeal to all skin types. Distributor AES explained that NOON Aesthetics UK is the only company with a 25% salicylic acid licence for home use due to its additive, Dermshield. That has already made the brand popular with many professional skincare specialists, dermatologists, doctors and experienced therapists. “As a distributor, our strapline at AES is ‘Pure Science, No Fiction’ and NOON Aesthetics mirrored this culture with their technological advancements in skin care providing treatments and solutions for real results,” added AES. NOON is an ancient philosophical principle describing the ‘primordial waters’ that are believed to constitute the source of all that exists in the world and the potential inherent goodness in all. The brand boasts impressive results for various skin conditions ranging from skin aging and hyper-pigmentation to sun damage, loss of elasticity, blemishes, seborrhea and more. AES says it is confident that NOON Aesthetics will gain a larger presence in the UK market due to it “providing both clinics and clients with the most promising results in skin care today”. The company continues to educate the UK skin care industry about NOON Aesthetics’ Dermshield technological achievements through channels including social media, online, magazines and exhibitions. Company: NOON Aesthetics UK, distributed by Advanced Esthetics Solutions Limited Web: