GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 69 , Dec20390 Awell-known company with a global client base, USANAworks to remain ahead of the curve in its industry. Encouraging Personal Health Worldwide USANA Health Sciences is a direct selling company that creates advanced nutritional, personal care, and healthy living products. The key aim and ethos driving everything it does can be found in its name: USANA, a word that has origins in both Greek and Latin and means ‘true health’. It serves its market by providing a large variety of products sold through independent USANA distributors. These distributors are people who work from home to sell the goods that USANA delivers to them. It works within a 24 different markets around the world. Furthermore, it has become a large presence in its industry and in the worldwide market by the scale of its operation. ‘It all starts with science.’ That is the mantra held by the company and backed by and its extensive of team of scientists, all featuring a wide variety of expertise and backgrounds. Together, they work hard to research and develop products based on recent discoveries and operate state of the art technology and lab equipment to do so. Within its operation, USANA’s core values remain community, health, excellence, and integrity. These ideals were spawned from the beliefs of USANA founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, who is quoted on its website to have said: ‘I dream of a world free from the pain and suffering of degenerative disease. Share my vision. Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health’. Of course, with a company such as this, each value impacts another area of its enterprise. Community wise, it wishes to cultivate an atmosphere of care, support, and encouragement within its ranks and outwards towards the rest of the world. USANA accomplishes this through their USANA Foundation and USANA Kids Eat charities where they provide food and supplies to needy children and their families. In terms of integrity, it seeks to demonstrate honesty, responsibility, and individual action even within a structure of corporate decision making. USANA and its employees try to embody all these values at every level. Each person within USANA’s infrastructure drives the company forward towards success, and as far as it is concerned, its people are the most pivotal part of its business. Each person within its enterprise defines themselves on their desire to succeed, with USANA taking steps to ensure that each product is made to the highest manufacturing, quality, and compliance standards. Alongside its product lines, it also offers wellness programs, and promotes work/life integration to increase quality of life. Internally, the staff at USANA currently work from home and are spread across the globe, making it a diverse and highly varied organisation. It works to deliver the best assets for its associates, providing its customers with the best information and manufacturing its products in-house. Due to its dedication to internal satisfaction as well as dedication to client service, USANA’s employees stay at the company longer than most in the country with low turnover rates. Its employees are encouraged to improve their health in every aspect of their life, not just in fitness but in finances, mindfulness, personal and professional growth and so much more. All these things USANA believes will pave the way to success for an individual. USANA also believes in corporate social responsibility, making frequent charitable donations. After the challenging environment that 2020 presented to companies all around the world, USANA saw many of its competitors making drastic changes to remain afloat. For USANA, this meant undergoing a pivot to full remote work, acquiring and aiding in the setup of computers for those employees who did not have them. USANA also faced supply chain and manufacturing challenges but were able to mitigate most of those issues due to their already strong infrastructure. The company also brought in strict safety measures in its headquarters, implementing rigorous hygiene checks, mandatory mask use and social distancing rules. USANA was already using Good Manufacturing Practices to keep the facility clean, but went even further once the pandemic hit. From creating some of the highest quality supplements in the world that undergo rigorous onsite and third-party testing, to providing an excellent work experience for their employees and Associates, and having consistently high customer satisfaction ratings, it’s no wonder USANA is one of the most trusted providers of nutritional supplements. Company: USANA Health Sciences Contact: Jessica Jarman Website: