GHP Q1 2021

8 GHP / Q1 2021 , a surgery and process such as this is not an easy decision to make, and that is why Juvida Clinics addresses all questions, concerns, and queries at its consultation. The patient’s sense of relaxation, comfort, and confidence are of the utmost importance, and the clinic pays great attention to those areas. FUE may be a popular procedure for so many people that has changed their lives, and it could very well do the same for any patient that chooses it through Juvida Clinics. Another of the key services provided by Juvida Clinics is that of ARTAS hair transplants. ARTAS is a piece of robotic machinery that was developed to perform the FUE procedure with maximum efficiency. The introduction of robotics into this field has revolutionised hair transplantation, for Juvida Clinics is one of a limited number in the UK that can offer robotics-based FUE. What separates ARTAS from regular FUE is that the machine utilises specific algorithms to identity the most suitable follicle units for transplantation, and boasts enough intelligence to choose the number of follicular units for extraction. It is at the very forefront of innovation in machinery and robotics, and Juvida Clinics’ patients can make full use of its fantastic power. Celebrities have also changed the game, with Kim Kardashian being almost single-handedly responsible for the mainstream introduction of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment, also dubbed the “vampire” treatment. Now, the treatment has become increasingly popular as a method of treating hair thinning and loss, despite being originally introduced as a way of achieving a youthful skin complexion. Today, PRP Treatment can be used as an effective treatment for those in the early stages of hair loss. It can potentially encourage hair regrowth, resulting in visibly thicker-looking hair. There are no allergy risks, and the blood used in the treatment is taken from the patient’s own veins. Rather than be used as a method of regrowing hair, the PRP Treatment is used best on hair that are thinning, rather than those which have already been lost. How exactly does the treatment work though? During the treatment, trained professionals at Juvida Clinics take blood from the patient and process it in a machine. The processed blood is then injected back into the patient, at the site of the scalp hair loss. What happens during the machine process is that the machine removes the plateletrich plasma from red blood cells, which is believed to stimulate new cells. Taking less than forty minutes in its entirety, the full process is considered to be extremely safe and non-invasive. In order to see good results from this PRP Treatment, it is usually recommended that a patient has eight individual sessions of this treatment. However, this can vary and is dependant on the extent of hair loss and the condition of the affected area. Finally, another key procedure that Juvida Clinics can provide is that of Semi-Permanent Scalp Micropigmentation. This is a treatment that is open to almost everyone, including those that have already had a hair transplant and want to further densify their look, or those that have been already deemed ineligible for a hair transplant. Scalp micro-pigmentation is the next best option for patients that fall into these two categories. In practice, it is a non-surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of hair loss. Instead of transplanting hair and bringing it back, the area is simply disguised to look like hair through tattooing pigments to the dermal layer on the skin in order to mimic the appearance of follicles. This process is also perfect for those looking to cover up scars and other imperfections around the hairline. When dealing with the world of hair loss and hair treatment, it pays to have access to the best possible technologies, and that is exactly what Juvida Clinics has done. It is home to the world’s only robotic hair transplant system, called “ARTAS”, and the firm is soon looking to be in a position where it can purchase the NEOGRAFT, a highly advanced piece of machinery that would make Juvida Clinics the only clinic in Europe to have such machinery at its disposal. The clinic has actually spent more than one and a half million on the latest technologies, ensuring that every patient has access to nothing but the best in hair loss and haircare treatment. Technology is one thing, but having the knowledge and expertise to apply that technology in the right ways is another thing entirely. Results are an important part of what Juvida Clinics has to offer to its clients. In order to guarantee that the results delivered are of the highest possible standard, the clinic reviews its clients at three, six, nine, and twelve months after their initial treatment date. If there are obvious gaps, or something fails to meet the exceptional standards that the clinic sets for itself, then the client is able to have those gaps filled in without being charged anything extra. There are no hidden fees or surprising charges that can leave a client with a sour taste in their mouth. Instead, Juvida Clinic guarantees results and the peace of mind that goes with having a beautiful head of hair. Juvida Clinics has also been in a position where it is able to take enormous pride in the awards and industry recognition that it has achieved over the years. Though the clinic’s primary aim is, and always will be, the pursuit of incredible result for its clients, the awards and industry recognition serve to demonstrate that it is doing everything right and achieving the best possible results for its clients. Just recently, in 2019, the clinic received two awards which have only ever been granted to a small number of clinics across the entirety of the world. Last year, Global Health & Pharma Magazine awarded the clinic the title of The UK’s Most Trusted Hair Transplant Clinic 2020, and the successes just continue to come for the clinic and its staff. Outside of the United States, Juvida Clinics is the only clinic in the world to have earned the ARTAS Platinum Status, and it is also an ARTAS Clinical Centre of Excellence. These awards are a fitting testament to the success of the clinic, and could not be awarded to a more deserving facility. The vast amounts of investment in the latest technology and the personability of the staff have all come together in a culmination of clinical excellence that ensures Juvida Clinics will long remain a staple of the hair loss treatment community and industry. Patients can have every option, and the staff’s willing to go above and beyond in administering the latest results shows with these awards. Looking to the future, Juvida Clinics is currently undergoing a rebranding of sorts; a transplant, if you will. No doubt that will soon come to fruition and clients can look forward to a brand new, exciting future for the clinic. Juvida Clinics is also in the process of opening its own academy, where it will train other doctors in the art of hair transplants. With high-profile success cases inspiring more people than ever before to consider hair transplants, this academy will empower and enable doctors to have more open and honest discussions with patients about what their hair transplant needs may be. Ultimately, Juvida Clinics is one of the finest hair loss treatment clinics not just in the United Kingdom, but in the world. Its exclusivity is matched only by the excellence it has achieved over the last several years. By working with some of the latest advancements and the most innovative techniques, Juvida Clinics continues to stand itself apart from the competition and deliver hair loss treatment services that are second to none. It is an outstanding facility, and is fully deserving of this latest success from Global Health and Pharma Magazine. Company: Juvida Clinics Web: