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Q1 2022 Phlebology’s Leading Medical Minds A clinic that has achievedworldwide recognition for the excellence of its services, TheWhiteley Clinic has earned itself recent accreditation as the provider of the ‘Best for Varicose Veins Treatments’ in 2022 for theUK. This is just one of themany titles it has won itself over the years, boasting the development of all-new treatments, the most rigorous client care, and themost highly recognised research in phlebology.

2 GHP / Q1 2022 Contents , Welcome to the Q1 edition of Global Health & Pharma Magazine 2022, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. With tensions continuing to build around the globe, we can see an influx of individuals and businesses that promote togetherness. Here we can see the building blocks to a better future in health and research to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. It is this togetherness that ensures safe spaces for people everywhere – mentally, physically, and emotionally. We experience these medical developments in a way that changes our perception of good health as well as our relationships with our bodies. In this issue we see the present and future of testing, holistic wellness, luxury training facilities, nutritional ingredient solutions, andmuchmore. With skilled and revolutionary clinics that are leaders in their industry; we open, continue, and finish strong throughout this entire issue. These excellent success stories show us more beneficial treatments and health services than ever before. We have been in touch with many companies, across an assortment of sectors, that are researching and enforcing new ways of curing, testing, and supporting people all over the world. For example, The Whiteley Clinic’s treatments in the field of phlebology has propelled it to a point of great success. With its blood research abilities and passion, it has been changing the course of healthcare. As spring swiftly approaches us, we at GHPwish you a very happyMarch. We look forward to seeing you again for Q2. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining frommaking any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

GHP / Q1 2022 3 Contents , 4. News 6. The Whiteley Clinic: Phlebology’s Leading Medical Minds 10. Mission Inn Resort & Club: Upscale Golf Club of the Year 2021 - Florida 12. Attomarker: Leading Innovators in Rapid Diagnostics Technology 2021 13. OptiBike LLC: Best Electric Bicycles Manufacturer - USA 14. Welton Aesthetics Clinic: Hull’s Best for Anti-Aging Treatments, 2021 15. LAB Sud: Best Clean Room & Laboratory Design/Build Company 2021 16. MO Nails International: Best Nail-Care Products Brand 2021 17. Fitness in the Village: Fit For Purpose! 18. SkinSpa: For Fabulous Skin 19. DITTEL Engineering: The Front Runners of Modern Medical Hygiene 20. Ai Beauty Ltd: 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London 21. Belfast Skin Care: Confidence In Your Own Skin 22. Elevate Healthcare: Most Innovative Healthcare Marketing Company, 2022 23. Arden House Dental and Cosmetic Clinic: Beyond Beauty 24. Medovate: Dedicated Developments 26. Aerolase: The Professional Skincare Expert for Skincare Professionals 27. Smile Clinic Group: Accomplishments To Smile About 28. Dr Rez Dental: Remarkable Excellence in Dentistry 29. Orchid Aesthetics: Most Outstanding Beauty & Skin Clinic, 2022 - Sunderland 30. Cowellmedi Co Ltd: Best Dental Implants Development Company - Asia 31. Mommy Dentists in Business: Best Online Specialist Dental Community - USA 32. Mesencell Biotech: True Centres of Excellence! 33. SoftIron: Stunning Storage Solution Secures Success 34. Allara: Best Virtual PCOS Care Platform, 2022 35. SciNote: Best Electronic Laboratory Notebook Product 2021: SciNote 36. Exom Group: Improving Clinical Trials Worldwide 38. Fab Aesthetics Lounge: Bolton’s Most Outstanding Laser & Aesthetics Clinic, 2022 39. CanaQuest Medical Corp: CanaQuest Medical Corp - A Clinical-Stage Life Sciences Company Secures Success 40. Fishtown Pharmacy: A Pharmacy For You! 41. Contour Healer: Implant Innovators Lead The Way 42. Love Hemp: Leading CBD Brand of the Year - UK 43. Winners’ Listings Contents

4 GHP / Q1 2022 NEWS , Known Nutrition has welcomed Suzy Glaskie, health coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness, as Head of Wellness. Headquartered in Cheshire, Known’s mission is to make health and beauty supplements that combine high efficacy with great taste. The company has recently launched a cutting-edge collagen supplement that combines scientifically proven ingredients in an all-natural formulation. 51-year-old Suzy, a functional medicine health coach, initially started taking a powdered collagen supplement for her bone health. She explains: “A DEXA scan in my 30s had shown that the bone density in my hips was already at risk. Around 5 years ago, I was advised to start taking a collagen supplement to support my bone health. I’ve stuck with it ever since, even though it tasted vile, and was delighted to see an improvement in my bone density when I was retested in 2021.” Last year, she switched to Known’s Advanced Collagen Supplement – a berry-flavoured syrup that combines liposomal technology with a host of natural anti-ageing ingredients. It has a 98% absorption rate, compared with rates as low as 15% in other collagen supplements. Suzy was so impressed with the product that she’s now joined forces with the team at Known, with the aim of helping women of all ages to feel and look their best. She said: “I’m excited to be joining Known and to be partnering with a brand that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of its customers. Known Nutrition Welcomes Head of Wellness Having experienced the benefits of collagen for myself, I’m looking forward to raising awareness of its crucial role – not only for how our skin looks, but for our overall health. That’s particularly crucial as women enter the menopause, when reserves of collagen plummet dramatically.” Amy Nicholson, Head of Brand at Known, said: “As a company, we stand for authenticity and our aim is to create real change in people’s wellbeing. Suzy is known for making wellness simple, real and accessible. She has vast experience of empowering people to take back their health through simple lifestyle tweaks and we’re delighted to have her expertise and passion on board to inspire change.” Through her Altrincham-based practice, Peppermint Wellness, Suzy works with individuals and companies across the UK to help people to regain their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She also hosts the Wellness Unwrapped podcast, which cuts through all the confusion around wellness and which has a loyal following of listeners around the world. Known has teamed up with HTC health, Europe’s leading health supplement supplier, to develop their range of effective, yet tasty formulations. Their team – whose expertise combines over 40 years’ pharmaceutical and nutraceutical experience along with a worldleading manufacturer – have spent the last two years developing their best-in-class liposomal formulation, which is free from preservatives, GMO and artificial colours and flavours.

GHP / Q1 2022 5 NEWS , UK based, leading global provider of software solutions, services and technology for the telecare and telehealth markets, Tunstall Healthcare, has expanded its German presence and service offering with the acquisition of BeWo Unternehmensgruppe (BeWo) for an undisclosed fee. Following the rapid acceleration in the adoption of smart technology and digital health solutions worldwide, the acquisition sees Tunstall together with BeWo deliver its first home emergency call centre in Germany to support vulnerable people at home. The centre will combine the technical possibilities of telehealth and the smart home via a uniform central platform. The revolutionary service will be made possible with Tunstall Cognitive Care®, a market leading innovation that will use advanced AI in combination with technology in the home to detect whether someone’s health could be about to deteriorate, spot a potentially undiagnosed condition, or resolve an immediate social care need. The acquisition will also mark a shift in the current social care operations in Germany, with emphasis on a solution focussed platform that hospitals and care homes can also access. The platform will also include outpatient monitoring and will alleviate pressures on time-poor staff. Peter Nicklin, Chairman of the Board of Tunstall Integrated Healthcare, commented: “We are pleased to have found a strong partner in the BeWo Group. We’re looking forward to working with Matthias Sandrock and the team to combine our strengths and support the further digitisation of health and care services across Germany. “Our innovative approach will offer professionals and service users an opportunity to explore new ways of delivering and receiving enhanced health and social care services at home, therefore increasing health and wellbeing, and the efficacy of the care services available.” The acquisition marks the emergence of a pioneering platform in Germany to develop more proactive and predictive services across health and social care. Services will have the potential for increased cost savings, a reduction in pressure on health and social care services, and an opportunity for more people to live safely and independently at home for longer. Matthias Sandrock, CEO of the BeWo Group of Companies, said: “We are delighted to now be part of the Tunstall Group. Tunstall is an innovative partner with whom we have been working successfully for many years. We have long been convinced of the quality of their products and can now offer our customers and cooperation partners an even wider range of solutions from the areas of telehealth and smart home solutions.” BeWo is a provider of call centre services, social alarm and device technology and management in Germany, alongside innovative concepts for the group living sector and different options for mobile protection via mobile alarm solutions. The acquisition supports Tunstall’s strategic, global expansion in digital solutions and services. Tunstall integrates smart technology with high quality monitoring and support services to give individuals increased independence, improved quality of life and wider choice in their care options. Tunstall designs, manufactures and sells monitoring units, sensors and software in six key regions; UK and Ireland, the Nordics, Spain, France and Benelux, DACHME and Australasia that enable the elderly, frail or the chronically ill to continue to live independently and to reduce social care and hospital visits or medical attention. Kristoffer Axelsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Tunstall Healthcare, added: “Innovating the care available to vulnerable people across the globe is a crucial aspect of what we do at Tunstall. We’re always looking to partner with companies which have a similar ethos to us and BeWo certainly stood out for this reason. Having the opportunity to deliver a first-ofits-kind service to the people of Germany is extremely exciting and we’re really looking forward to seeing the positive impact that this will have on service users across the country.” Tunstall is a pioneer in the global technology space within the health and social care sectors. The company was the first organisation to use technology to enable older people to summon help in an emergency, and to transmit alarm calls over the public telephone network. The business also pioneered the introduction of telecare and telehealth in the 2000’s which created the technology enabled care market as it is today. Tunstall currently operates across 19 countries and supports more than five million people, including those living with dementia, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and long-term health conditions. Global Digital Health Solutions Provider Strengthens Home Care And Telecare Delivery In GermanyWith Acquisition

6 GHP / Q1 2022 , Jan22334 A clinic that has achievedworldwide recognition for the excellence of its services, TheWhiteley Clinic has earned itself recent accreditation as the provider of the ‘Best for Varicose Veins Treatments’ in 2022 for theUK. This is just one of themany titles it has won itself over the years, boasting the development of all-new treatments, themost rigorous client care, and themost highly recognised research in phlebology. Due to its newapproaches, bold ideas, and transparency, it has been seeing increasing numbers of overseas patients flocking to it, as well as patients fromwithin theUK, and promises to continue serving each and every one of themwith the excellence its industry expects from it. Phlebology’s Leading Medical Minds When it comes to specialist clinics in the medical field, The Whiteley Clinic ranks amongst the best for vein therapies and research. Fundamentally, it has gained a reputation for its consistent research and treatments that push forward the greater innovations of the field, founded by the eponymous Mark Whiteley in 2001. Since the turn of the century, its notoriety has grown through showing its diligence to the science of its work and the patients who would benefit from it being turned into treatments, following the founder’s own development of endovenous – or ‘pinhole’ – surgery for varicose veins in March of 1999. He was also the first in the UK to perform the allnew surgical method to access varicose veins in a minimally invasive manner, working alongside Judy Holdstock, and it is this excellence with which he has built the foundation of The Whiteley Clinic. Making use of radiofrequency initially – mostly due to budget – this varicose vein surgical method has since enjoyed advancements in both innovation and funding, with alternatives to radiofrequency being discovered regularly. This, in essence, has allowed The Whiteley Clinic to allow use of multiple different modalities. Initially, the setup to varicose vein treatments was its only priority, but ongoing research has allowed it to expand its list of conditions, from venous leg ulcers and pelvic pain due to Pelvic Congestion Syndrome; thus, it invites clients to get in touch with it regarding such things so it can discuss with them how it best may help, developing an international reputation for aesthetic phlebology. Initially, this simply meant the treatment of thread veins on the legs, but with the expansion of recent research, it has extended to the treatment of so much more. Able to treat bulging veins on the face, forehead, breasts, arms, and feet, it can help clients with all manner of painful extruding venous problems, all made possible by the research and ingenuity of the founder and his exemplary team. Indeed, since then, Mark Whitely has published the first research papers for the treatment of such things; papers that have been incredibly well received by the wider research community and that specifically talk of how to treat bulging venous areas on the forehead and temporal scalp region. Of course, when discussing such delicate areas of the body, one must act with the utmost care and rigour. This is another unswayable part of the The Whiteley Clinic’s work. When handling its client’s cases, it will always strive to put their safety and comfort first. Nominally, each and every one of its processes have been designed and redesigned by the most scrutinising eyes and dedicated team, able to tailor a treatment plan to suit the needs of the patient as well as to talk them through certain treatments in as much detail as they wish so that they are thoroughly informed before they decide on what they want. Its core values, from top to bottom, are to ensure that all of its patients receive the

GHP / Q1 2022 7 Phlebology’s LeadingMedical Minds

8 GHP / Q1 2022 , Furthermore, with the glowing client reviews and exemplary word of mouth testimonials that its clients leave it with, recommending its efforts to friends, colleagues, and family, The Whiteley Clinic’s staff have a proven track record of this excellence that prospective patients can skim through before they even step foot in the clinic. This helps build this trust before a patient even makes their first appointment. With this in mind, the team are able to welcome clients into its clinic with pride, knowing that it has been able to maintain so many clients as friends of the institute. Serving clients from the UK and internationally, many come to it with varicose veins or thread veins knowing it has managed to get the lowest recurrence rate possible. Having put significant effort into the research that would allow it to do this, it welcomes every prospective patient who comes to it through its doors; it is this warmth of welcome that encourages people with all manner of cosmetic issues and symptoms through its doors, such as aching or tired legs, swollen ankles, red or brown stains on the skin, clots, or ulcers. It is aware that its pre-eminent treatment efforts are head and shoulders above that of many others, and thus strives to make it accessible for everyone. Its core goal – helping the patient find comfort and confidence – is something it wishes won’t be an option exclusive to its clients in the future, hoping that everyone who suffers from venous issues can get access to the treatments that will allow them to be resolved. Admirably, it also holds this position in the sphere of aesthetic medical phlebology, its patients coming to it from all over the world for help with bulging veins on their foreheads, breasts, arms, hands, and feet, as well as tortuous and bulging arteries on the temple region. It allows professionals in its industry, patients, and stakeholders to be able to get a better understanding of venous conditions simply through continuing to work in the way it has. Its deep knowledge of venous reflux, the cause of varicose veins problems and ulcers, as well as leg ulcer revolution, chronic pelvic pain, and other disorders, often result in it finding itself featured in the national press for its continually incredible findings. Often, The Whiteley Clinic finds itself in positions to comment on cases of extreme interest to the scientific community, and it is glad to be able to apply its knowledge to such things. Of course, this is just one of the many ways by which it differentiates itself from its peers. Its efforts for the wider research community, diligence towards applying this unique protocol to its services, and specific knowledge of the depth and breadth of venous issues, has set it truly head and shoulders above all other treatment centres in the UK who target similar venous conditions and troubles. Firstly, it has an active research programme which directly feeds its treatments. Due to the nature of its work, it often finds years between the research’s results being found and said results being published, meaning an often-frustrating time delay between the benefits to certain treatments being discovered and their application, but The Whiteley Clinic can fast track this by offering these treatments before they are published to the wider scientific community in peer reviewed journals. It also boasts the ability to ensure its patients are thoroughly scanned by a specialist vascular technologist when they arrive. This individual service, operated by someone who has been trained specially in accordance with the Whiteley Protocol, conducts a comprehensive scan of the person to get holistic view of the challenges they may be facing, turning the usual industry standard of the ‘quick scan’ on its head. The Whiteley Clinic knows that such ‘quick scans’ often miss a lot of the nuances of a case, and therefore are nowhere near as useful for getting to the root of the problem quickly and effectively, ensuring that more than one person views the data before a diagnosis is made. Thirdly, its transparency when working with its patients and when discussing its results has secured it notoriety as a deeply honest and highly client-faithful healthcare provider. Taking this a step further, its doctors are now also registered members of the College of Phlebology Venous Registry, earning client trust back despite the loss of trust that occurred during the Bristol heart scandal in the 1980s, something that its older clients remember and that its doctors are aware of being sensitive towards. After this scandal rocked the medical community of the UK – and indeed the world at large – its professionals, The Whiteley Clinic included, have had to come to terms with the fact that the only way that patients can know whether doctors, clinics, or hospitals are getting good results is if they are part of a registry. This third-party oversight means that a client doesn’t have to take The Whiteley Clinic’s word for the excellence of its results; they can ask the governing body that keeps an eye on this. The Whiteley Clinic’s protocol has, indeed, been developed as yet another answer to this predicament. Its standardised efforts ensure that it operates with openness and a strict dedication to the utmost scientific rigour at every turn, making sure its doctors and regularly checked and that the results are being consistently monitored, each of its staff members proving their status as an asset to the business and the medical sector by their flawless compliance with this. Each of them, benefitting from the incredible training and onboarding The Whiteley Clinic provides, has aided it in pulling through the trials and tumults of the pandemic, developing a Covid-19 secure protocol quickly in order to be able to keep offering its services to those who needed urgent venous investigations and treatments. Thus, 2022 promises to continue being a busy time for it, opening most optimal treatment for their condition. Using its own research, and research from other international minds in the venous research circle, it works hard to keep its services leading the pack in its field, granting the best possible patient experience under its investigation and treatment so that they can look forward to the rest of their lives with confidence. This confidencebuilding – and this depth of research and study – contributes to the trust its patients have been able to build in it over the years, resulting in an establishment and research facility that is widely lauded as one of the premier vein units in the world. This, in essence, has been one of its goals since the beginning. With exemplary client service, an incredible body of research at its back, and a dedication to comprehensive work that has made it a trusted scientific voice amongst its peers, its clients can benefit from the pedigree it has earned itself since its very beginnings. The Whiteley Clinic, in addition, has been working on bettering each of these elements since then, keeping itself at the top of its industry through determination and adaptation, refusing to rest on the laurels it has already earned itself in order to continually raise the bar for strict excellence. By following ‘The Whiteley Protocol’, the staff at the Clinic ensure that each detail is properly attended to whilst keeping an eye on the bigger picture. This protocol has been developed over years of study, into which blood, sweat, and tears has been poured, and the result is a process that has been proven to create the best outcomes for its patients time and time again, working as a team as every juncture to make this happen. Critically, this team is one that has been built over time not just out of professionals who are industry leading in their fields, but out of professionals who demonstrate true care and compassion; people who are always willing to go above and beyond for client safety.

GHP / Q1 2022 9 Phlebology’s LeadingMedical Minds its 4th clinic on the south coast and in talks about opening a 5th one in the summer already, as well as continuing its research and introducing new, non-invasive Echotherapy investigative treatments into its offerings. In short, its continued innovation in phlebology show no signs of slowing, and it is excited to see what findings it can bring before its peers next. Company: The Whiteley Clinic Contact: Caprice Chislett Web Address:

10 GHP / Q1 2022 , Oct21175 Mission Inn Resort & Club is renowned for its picturesque rolling hills, orange groves, and shimmering lakes, a location that attracts golf enthusiasts, fishermen, and eco-tourists who love to be surrounded by the region’s expansive natural beauty. The resort is conveniently central to Central Florida’s world-famous theme parks, wineries, shopping and local attractions, and also provides a refined home base for guests wishing to explore the Lake County area. Upscale Golf Club of the Year 2021 - Florida 50 years ago, Mission Inn Resort & Club was nothing more than a concept. It was the vision and dream of Nick Beucher, a mid-western businessman with a sense of adventure. In 1964, he purchased what was then known as the Floridan Country Club, but the story of Mission Inn starts nearly 100 years before that; back when citrus groves canopied Central Florida and cowboys roamed Mexico. The resort’s history traces back to 1916, when William J. Howey purchased 60,000 acres of real estate in Central Florida with plans to create the largest horticultural empire in the world. Its ideal climate and rich soil provided the perfect setting for investors to buy acreage from Howey, following which he would contract with his company to clear the land, plant citrus trees, harvest and ship the fruit. Howey would then return the profits to the owners. In order to boost sales and create incentive for additional growth, Howey decided to build a golf course to complement his inn. In 1917, Chicago’s George O’Neil was hired to design the course and soon after, the Florida Chain-o-Lakes Country Club opened. Offering rare tee-togreen elevations of 85ft, towering forests, and sparkling spring-fed lakes, the course was widely acclaimed as Florida’s finest. In the mid-1920s, the course was enhanced – but soon after, the stock market crashed, the Great Depression ensued, and this, combined with one of the worst freezes of Florida’s history, sadly brought Howey’s dreams of a citrus empire to an end. Fast forward to 1936 and Illinois native, Nick Beucher began his sales career with the Morton Salt Company in Chicago’s western suburbs. Beucher was named top salesman of the year for four years running, but his career was interrupted when he broke his leg in a local rodeo. Once he was better, he went ahead and fulfilled his dream of riding across Mexico on horseback. In 1939, at the age of 21, Nick and a friend saddled up and spent 39 days riding nearly 1,400 miles. 25 years later, Beucher was a husband, father, and successful businessman buying and selling cattle by-products including meat and hides. It was around then that he saw an ad in the Wall Street Journal and made the decision to buy what was then known as the Floridan Country Club in Howey-in-theHills. Both the course and the clubhouse were badly neglected and in need of repairs. By 1969, Beucher had renovated the golf course and clubhouse, and he then turned his sights towards creating a new resort. Inspired by his time in Mexico, his new resort would feature Spanish Colonial architecture, of which he was very fond. Over the years, the resort expanded to include a second golf course, fresh-water fishing, a full-service spa, four restaurants, and 30,000sqft of space for meetings, weddings, and special events. Beucher’s family joined the business, and today, his children and grandchildren own the resort, welcoming guests to join them for a memorable experience at their home away from home. Mission Inn Resort & Club is a direct reflection of the vision and relentless effort of the Beucher family and the resort’s dedicated employees. Just 35 minutes from Orlando, Mission Resort is now an elegant, 1,100-acre golf resort which offers guests an escape to a spectacular Central Florida destination, whether for a golf vacation, a dream wedding, a romantic couples’ getaway, the next corporate event, or an intimate brunch. Alongside its two championship golf courses, Mission Inn offers guests a lounge poolside, tennis and volleyball pitches, space for bass fishing and trap/skeet shooting, and hiking paths. One of the South’s oldest golf courses, El Campeón blends unusual Central Florida elevation changes of more than 85ft with features of traditional golf design, including spectacular rolling fairways and undulating greens. Las Colinas is the other golf course, with an inland links design alongside generous, wide-open fairways, gentle rolling hills and large, undulating greens. Its signature hole, Alligator Alley (#12) spans 493 yards along a tree-lined fairway and requires absolute accuracy from tee-to-green. For a complete golfing experience, golfers can book on for the complete getaway package, which includes a deluxe room; the Bountiful Breakfast Buffet following each night’s stay; green fees for 18 holes per night’s stay; advance tee times; shared cart for 18 holes per night’s stay; daily range balls; and club cleaning, storage and bag tag. For any guests who would rather enjoy spa treatments instead of golfing, the Golf & Spa Special Package is available. Mission Inn’s guests truly feel right at home during their stay, with a choice from 176 rooms

GHP / Q1 2022 11 Upscale Golf Club of the Year 2021 - Florida including deluxe rooms, club suites, one- to three-bedroom suites, and villas, each with breath-taking views. Each room is spotless and features the distinct Spanish Colonial architecture along with luxurious amenities, with access to in-room coffee, in-room safe, high-speed wi-fi, and more. Guests also have access to four restaurants, from casual eateries to candlelight fine dining: El Conquistador, Nickers’ Clubhouse and Bar, La Hacienda, and La Margarita. The Mission Inn culinary team has crafted unique menus which reflect their experiences in the finest kitchens around the world, and the onsite Chef’s Herb Garden brings a distinctive homegrown accent of the freshest herbs and spices. Dining at Mission Inn isn’t only popular with guests, but also local residents from Clermont, Leesburg, and Tavares. In fact, Mission Inn has become a very popular culinary spot for holiday events throughout the year with many families choosing to celebrate their special occasions there annually, such as Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Mission Inn is indeed the venue of choice for locals and travellers alike, whether a passing visit for lunch or a game of golf, or a vacation or wedding. Between the beautiful location, attentive staff, and impeccable food, guests can expect sheer excellence in what will be a truly flawless and unforgettable trip. Company: Mission Inn Resort & Club Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Web:

12 GHP / Q1 2022 , Oct21076 Attomarker, a business aiding the accessibility of invaluable medical information, is making life easier for clinicians, researchers, and patients all over by way of championing knowing one’s own personal immunity. Focused on tracking the immunity and antibody profile of each individual patient it comes across, it wishes to give the healthcare industry access to information that will tell themabout a specific person’s immune response capabilities when faced with the Covid-19 virus. Are they a super responder? Do they not have enough antibodies to reach core thresholds? Attomarker can take the guesswork out of this equation in order to swap ambiguity for reliable, efficient, and usable data regarding the complexities of personal immunity. Leading Innovators in Rapid Diagnostics Technology 2021 With the rate of medical innovations progressing at an exponential rate and each company within the industry contributing to the slant of the curve, Attomarker has made itself one of the frontrunners. Nominally, this company has made a name for itself with its personal antibody immunity profile services, allowing clinicians, patients, and researchers to make informed choices with precision antibody testing, and thus supporting the best decisions to be made for a specific patient depending on their specific profile. Attomarker, in short, believes that the new challenges faced by the wider medical industry require innovative answers that don’t lose sight of the individual patient by way of zooming too far out on the bigger picture; with rapid, personalised, and effective diagnosis thanks to the antibody profiles it provides, Attomarker makes earlier and more reliable diagnosis possible. This is invaluable in a world still grappling with the tumult of the pandemic, as the strain on the healthcare industry is certainly showing no signs of slowing. In addition – making it a unique business from several perspectives – it hopes to make this high-quality diagnosis available in a mass market sense, reaching beyond the laboratory to clinics, pharmacies, and even the homes of patients so that everyone has the power to regain control over their own health. Currently administered by its trained medical practitioners in its UK Clinics in London, Chichester, and Exeter, it has most recently made itself available in the cities of Bath and Bristol too, measuring antibodies to Spike, Omicron Spike, RBD, N, and the CRP test. Additionally, it is also currently testing in the Cayman Isles, available through Integra and further promoting its goals of establishing worldwide personal immunity recognition. To Attomarker, nothing is more important than continued education and development, making itself open to improvements and adaptations that can be incorporated into itself as the world changes around it, whilst not shifting from its core goal. Every person’s core immune response to Covid-19 is totally unique and something that has become increasingly more difficult to plan for, whether this is measuring responses to the vaccine or measuring responses to contracting the full-scale viral infection. Some patients it has tested have not developed antibodies beyond key thresholds, whereas others are superresponders with long-lasting antibodies. Whatever the case for each patient, this information is invaluable to healthcare professionals everywhere, and thus Attomarker will continue to improve and distribute its testing solution in order to increase their ability to access it. Company: Attomarker Contact: Ben Farrar Website:

GHP / Q1 2022 13 , Oct21399 Since 2007, Optibike has been the premiumdesigner andmanufacturer of electric bikes in the world. Dubbed “the Ferrari of electric bikes” by the NewYork Times, Optibikes’ innovative design and technology enables it tomanufacture, assemble and conduct research to develop the next generation of electric bicycles in Colorado, USA. Whether for weight loss, keeping fit, commuting, or for fun and adventure with friends, riding the Optibike will change your life. Best Electric Bicycles Manufacturer - USA It was in 1998 that Jim Turner began developing the Optibike. After nine years of trials and tribulations, the first Optibike was sold to a customer in South Africa in 2007, and it went on to be purchased in over 33 countries, from Russia to Indonesia to Brazil. Each Optibike is hand built using old world craftmanship combined with modern technology, with its reputation for performance and durability being unparalleled in the industry. “I love that e-bikes are good for your health and the environment,” Jim said. “With Optibike, I get a chance to directly impact the lives of others.” Jim Turner is a two-time Motocross National Champion and author of The Electric Bike Book. He began his engineering career, after graduating with an advanced degree from Stanford, as a design engineer in the Advanced Vehicle Controls Division at Ford Motor Company. Frustrated with the slow innovation in large corporate life, Jim decided to look for a solution that would provide a positive impact on people’s lives. When he discovered the electric bikes industry, he knew he had to be part of it. Following Optibike’s unveiling to the world 15 years ago, Jim and the company were the proud recipient of The Colorado Inventor Showcase’s ‘Inventor of the Year’ award, sponsored by the DaVinci Institute. And in 2008, the Optibike OB1 was featured in the ‘Future of Transportation’ display at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Originally scheduled for one year, the display was kept for over two years due to it being one of the most popular attractions. In the same year, the company pioneered the use of lithium ion batteries in e-bikes, with the release of the first 37 volt 20 amp hour lithium ion battery. Many of these original batteries are still running strong today, and this is the technology that Tesla now uses. Not long after, DeMarcus Ware of the Denver Broncos (then of the Dallas Cowboys) purchased an Optibike to use as part of his training. Speaking about his e-bike, DeMarcus said at the time, “I’ve been riding my Optibike OB1 for over a month, and I can’t stay away – I absolutely love the bike. I ride it every single day as part of my training regimen. In the suburbs or on the hills at training camp, this bike will be with me. It is the perfect cross-training tool for me because it allows me to get a great workout yet still enjoy what I’m doing. I would recommend an Optibike to anyone who has those same goals.” Optibike has continued to help people meet their goals and exceed their expectations. Notably, in 2011, Optibikes took first and seventh places in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Event, climbing over 7,500 feet in 24.5 miles from Manitou Springs to the 14,100-foot summit. John Sagebiel was first place with a time of 1:06.45. The first ‘other’ brand of e-bike took over threetimes as long as John. In the same year, Optibike found its place as a coaching and pacing tool in Boulder’s renowned velodrome, being the first e-bike robust enough to lead a pack of very powerful cyclists and replace the scooter/motorcycle derny. In other indoor cycling centres, electric and gas scooters are used, which produce exhaust and gas emissions. Tim Kyer from the velodrome said, “The Optibike has been really useful to us. Our track here (in Boulder) is small and makes for a unique, dynamic ride. Optibike is helping riders learn the smooth pedal stroke and a consistent speed in and out of turns. “We are using the 1100R model and are seeing a lot of ways that Optibike is used for a training tool. We can get through multiple workouts and groups on one battery charge.” Since then, Optibike has gone on to innovate its product further; in 2014 it released the SIMBB (Super Integrated Motorised Bottom Bracket), the world’s smallest e-bike drive system in the world – It is so small that one competitor said, “But where is the battery?” In 2016, the company released the R15, with industry-leading performance delivered by 1,500 watts of continuous power, 175 newton metres of torque and a 48 volt 22 amp hour (1,056 watts an hour) battery that only weighs 11 pounds, providing unmatched acceleration and high climbing ability. Comparing this model to the original that was released ten years prior, it is clear to see that the Optibike has evolved by leaps and bounds. Company: OptiBike LLC Email: [email protected] Website:

14 GHP / Q1 2022 , Oct21710 Home to highly qualified staff that have trained under the eye of Harley Street Doctor practitioners and effective treatments, Welton Aesthetics Company is the region’s premium aesthetics clinic. At a competitive rate the company provides cutting-edge procedures that guarantee near-immediate results, including a vast range that tackle ageing, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring. Hull’s Best for AntiAging Treatments, 2021 Welton Aesthetics Clinic is a private, unisex aesthetics clinic based out of North Ferriby and Willerby. The clinic is devoted to providing a highly professional standard of care, proven treatments, and a relaxed atmosphere, whilst offering exquisite results at a competitive price. It operates on an appointment-basis only, ensuring that each patient receives a personalised and attentive experience – appointments are available from Tuesdays to Friday and offers a late-night service on Wednesdays. Indeed, the clinic is noted for its dedication to client-centricity, with an enhanced focus on creating a relaxing and pleasant environment. Welton Aesthetics Clinic understands that some customers will be nervous, some don’t like needles, and some will be apprehensive in anticipation for their appointment. Henceforth, it has numerous procedures in place that ensure a private and relaxing experience, in of which the client is the number one priority. Founded by Mairin Flynn, a highly qualified Aesthetic Practitioner and Pharmacist Independent Prescriber (MPharmS M.Sc. PG. Dip IP), Welton Aesthetics Clinic benefits from an extensive backing of industry expertise. Furthermore, in an industry which continues to go unregulated, Flynn’s range of qualifications serve as a reminder of true professionalism and a devotion to safety. On top of her vast range of qualifications, Mairin consistently upskills, attending the latest training courses which ensures that she maintains her skillset. With over 10 years of experience in the medical industry, Mairin seamlessly combines a unique blend of aesthetics with specialist knowledge. Therefore, Welton Aesthetics Clinic is able to offer a diverse range of treatments, including a range of innovative anti-aging solutions. One example is Profhilo, an anti-aging treatment based upon a hyaluronic acid formulation. Hyaluronic acid is commonly used as filler to provide volume for different parts of the face in Botox and filler treatments. However, in Profhilo, the product is more viscous and flows throughout the skin in order to boost hydration and create a smoothing effect. The injection fights back against skin laxity, aiding in the regeneration of collagen and elastin, in turn, improving the look of wrinkles and loose skin. Similarly, Welton Aesthetics Clinic offers Sunekos. Just like Profhilo, Sunekos features hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient, however, it also includes amino acids. This treatment also differs in how it works – Sunekos stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen and elastin. Additionally, it provides a more natural solution for those that do not want fillers or Botox, creating a more subtle result. It is particularly effective in the treatment of dark circles and undereye bags, skin dryness, and acne scarring. The quality of Welton Aesthetic Clinic’s treatments and the exceptional standard of care are mirrored in the numerous online reviews of the company. One reviewer, known as Kelly, left a review stating, ‘I found Mairin to be professional and very knowledgeable. She talked me through the treatment and really put me at ease as I am nervous with needles. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.’ In addition, Jessica commented, ‘The best treatment for wrinkles and lip filler I have had.’ Such reviews truly reflect the essence of the company. Mairin has cultivated an ambiance that puts clients at ease and never fails to act in a highly professional manner. It is abundantly clear that Welton Aesthetics Clinic has been built upon a foundation of passion, devotion, and a love for the industry, and for these reasons, Welton Aesthetics Clinic is deserving of the title Hull’s Best for Anti-Aging Treatments, 2021. Contact: Mairin Flynn Company: Welton Aesthetics Clinic Web Address:

GHP / Q1 2022 15 , Nov21316 The highly specialised design for the pharma industry reinvents itself day by day with surprising acceleration, improving and exceeding itself, taking ideas, innovation and technology to their maximumdemand for a result of excellence – on a planetary scale, where the political and geographic limits are anecdotal. Best Clean Room & Laboratory Design/Build Company 2021 As an architecture and engineering studio, LAB Sud has focused on strategic approaches such as the orange economy and design thinking, defining its DNA matrix, promoting artistic and scientific creativity, appealing to excellence in the quality of each of its projects. It has applied creative design in every possible way, from tiny pieces of industrial furniture to clean rooms and microarchitecture, as well as in large-scale projects for urban developments (larger than 25 hectares) or large size buildings (greater than 5,000 m2). LAB Sud’s team thinks in terms of science-design, where this pairing does not separate; it is a tandem that defines the firm creatively and technically. For three years, it has accelerated a lot in the race to technology within its human team and workspace. Today, it is applying the best current technology to each project: BIM methodology, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D printing, drone technologies, software interoperability, and communication in the cloud between professionals and technicians to work on each project. The firm’s latest projects have had a fabulous variety and diversity, working on indoor agricultural projects for medicinal cannabis in GMP and GAP laboratories; designing capsules for industrial and GMP mobile laboratories; clean rooms for pharma, health, cosmetics, veterinary and research; as well as designs for academic projects. The different scales have also been a great challenge; participating in the development of highly specialised micro elements of furniture, and reaching specialised large-scale urban projects for science, research and logistics of more than 100 hectares. LAB Sud has become a reference in the pharma and health industry advising national and international companies and governments. It is doing it with intensity, and it wants to share its know-how in all possible areas. Experience and knowledge must transcend to innovate. The great current challenge for LAB Sud is to approach designs while adjusting to the changing times, and by always aiming to work outside its comfort zone, where it believes it gives its maximum potential as a team. It cannot solve problems and crossroads in the same way that it did two years ago; the context changes too quickly. The creative and technical demand, as well as lateral thinking, presents a scenario of incredible possibilities to develop projects and new ideas. The creative and technical demand, as well as lateral thinking, presents us with a scenario of incredible possibilities to develop projects and new ideas. It fascinates us to be surprised with the results we achieve. We have tried to unlearn and relearn. The codes and forms are changing very fast, and the strategy is to embrace resilience in every decision and action. This is LAB Sud’s habitat and it is very comfortable with the change. Company: LAB Sud Contact: Juan Andrés Marín Email: [email protected] Website:

16 GHP / Q1 2022 , Nov21501 Founded in 2014, MONails is a Cyprus-basedmanufacturer and distributor of professional nail supplies with the technician inmind. Its gel polishes are eco-friendly, 100%vegan, nontoxic, and designed for the professional nail artist to create beautiful, long-lasting designs for their clients. Best Nail-Care Products Brand 2021 MO Nails founder and CEO Marlene Orros has been an active nail technician herself for the last 17 years, and she wanted to develop a product that was userfriendly, safe and long-lasting for the end user. Thus, MO Nails was born, enabling worldwide access to a growing collection of more than 300 colours at wholesale prices, with worldclass customer service. Nail art is an important part of fashion; colourful nails are key to self-expression and are the ultimate accessory. MO Nails’ gel polishes enable technicians to create stunning designs including gem, 3D or embossed without inhaling any fumes. Being absolutely free of solvents, the end user can enjoy having gorgeous nails without sacrificing their health. MO Nails not only provides nail supplies, but also businessbuilding tools to aid its customers, including tips and advice from experts, photo galleries for nail artists, industry news, and more. The company is dedicated to equipping nail technicians with technical support, education and business development tools that help them grow and prosper in today’s competitive market. Nail technicians quickly discover why MO Nails should be their first choice for top-quality, crueltyfree, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, with the added benefit of business-building tools to help them grow. As it continues introducing new product collections, with the latest including Winter Glamour and AQUAMarine, MO Nails welcomes nail technicians into its eco-friendly world. Company: MO Nails International Email: [email protected] Website:

GHP / Q1 2022 17 , Nov21733 It can be hard to stay fit in a busy world, especially in the relative isolation of a village. When Chris Brindley started Fitness in the Village, it was to serve people in his local area with their overall wellbeing. In GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021, Chris’ efforts saw Fitness in the Village named Best Health & Fitness Therapy SME 2021 – Berkshire. We caught up with him in the light of his extraordinary success. Fit For Purpose! The value of good wellbeing cannot be understated, and Chris Brindley has made it his mission to transform the way in which those in the local villages and small towns around Lambourn Woodlands live. Taking an approach which is welcoming and inclusive, he has had an enormous impact on many, from clients in their 20s right through to their 90s. With such a strong track record behind him, we asked Chris to explain a little of what his company does. “It provides a bespoke one to one experience, attempting to cover multiple aspects of the individual’s health and wellbeing,” he tells us. “I aim to advise and educate them as well as train, treat and give informed nutrition advice and guidelines. The practical work covers fitness assessments with reports, personalised training sessions, therapeutic and sports massage – including injury treatments” It’s clear from the outset that what sets Chris apart is the personalised nature of his workload. “My aim is to get every client to a better place,” he explains, “and then support and educate them indefinitely so they are able to really grasp and embrace their “new” lifestyle. I want them to always feel that I’ve got their back and am on hand when they need advice or support.” This depth of connection is not often found within the industry. Many of Chris’ core clients have worked with him for years. “I feel very grateful and humbled by this loyalty, and I have gained some many good friendships through this,” he tells us. Every client who walks through Chris’ doors is different. Each has unique challenges and requires a bespoke approach to help. “My doors are open to anybody,” he smiles. “If I can, I want to help and work with whoever reaches out.” The strength of Chris’ approach has enabled him to continue growing his business as more and more people turn to him for support. For him, the chance to support others is the motivation that keeps him going. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Almost overnight, Chris had to find a new solution to keep in contact with his much-valued clients. As with so many industries, Zoom was a vital cog, keeping his business going. “Personally, I decided to learn this technology quickly and found this a little bit of a lifeline,” he informs us. “It allowed me to continue with some kind of client engagement and their training sessions.” The pandemic changed everything for Chris, and opened up new and exciting opportunities. During the various lockdowns, he subscribed to various industry educational platforms, workshops, webinars and training courses. As the world returns to a new normal, he can meet once more with his clients offering an enhanced skillset which support their development. The future seems bright for Chris. His business continues to thrive, and his clients continue to flourish. His work is not over, but has made a remarkable impact. We wondered what has kept him going, and what has inspired him, throughout this incredibly difficult period. “I feel lucky,” he says simply. “I work in a profession that I love and meet so many wonderful people.” Perhaps greater than any award from GHP, what more does anybody need to feel total satisfaction? Company: Fitness in the Village Name: Chris Brindley Email: [email protected] Web Address: