GHP Q1 2022

14 GHP / Q1 2022 , Oct21710 Home to highly qualified staff that have trained under the eye of Harley Street Doctor practitioners and effective treatments, Welton Aesthetics Company is the region’s premium aesthetics clinic. At a competitive rate the company provides cutting-edge procedures that guarantee near-immediate results, including a vast range that tackle ageing, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring. Hull’s Best for AntiAging Treatments, 2021 Welton Aesthetics Clinic is a private, unisex aesthetics clinic based out of North Ferriby and Willerby. The clinic is devoted to providing a highly professional standard of care, proven treatments, and a relaxed atmosphere, whilst offering exquisite results at a competitive price. It operates on an appointment-basis only, ensuring that each patient receives a personalised and attentive experience – appointments are available from Tuesdays to Friday and offers a late-night service on Wednesdays. Indeed, the clinic is noted for its dedication to client-centricity, with an enhanced focus on creating a relaxing and pleasant environment. Welton Aesthetics Clinic understands that some customers will be nervous, some don’t like needles, and some will be apprehensive in anticipation for their appointment. Henceforth, it has numerous procedures in place that ensure a private and relaxing experience, in of which the client is the number one priority. Founded by Mairin Flynn, a highly qualified Aesthetic Practitioner and Pharmacist Independent Prescriber (MPharmS M.Sc. PG. Dip IP), Welton Aesthetics Clinic benefits from an extensive backing of industry expertise. Furthermore, in an industry which continues to go unregulated, Flynn’s range of qualifications serve as a reminder of true professionalism and a devotion to safety. On top of her vast range of qualifications, Mairin consistently upskills, attending the latest training courses which ensures that she maintains her skillset. With over 10 years of experience in the medical industry, Mairin seamlessly combines a unique blend of aesthetics with specialist knowledge. Therefore, Welton Aesthetics Clinic is able to offer a diverse range of treatments, including a range of innovative anti-aging solutions. One example is Profhilo, an anti-aging treatment based upon a hyaluronic acid formulation. Hyaluronic acid is commonly used as filler to provide volume for different parts of the face in Botox and filler treatments. However, in Profhilo, the product is more viscous and flows throughout the skin in order to boost hydration and create a smoothing effect. The injection fights back against skin laxity, aiding in the regeneration of collagen and elastin, in turn, improving the look of wrinkles and loose skin. Similarly, Welton Aesthetics Clinic offers Sunekos. Just like Profhilo, Sunekos features hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient, however, it also includes amino acids. This treatment also differs in how it works – Sunekos stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen and elastin. Additionally, it provides a more natural solution for those that do not want fillers or Botox, creating a more subtle result. It is particularly effective in the treatment of dark circles and undereye bags, skin dryness, and acne scarring. The quality of Welton Aesthetic Clinic’s treatments and the exceptional standard of care are mirrored in the numerous online reviews of the company. One reviewer, known as Kelly, left a review stating, ‘I found Mairin to be professional and very knowledgeable. She talked me through the treatment and really put me at ease as I am nervous with needles. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.’ In addition, Jessica commented, ‘The best treatment for wrinkles and lip filler I have had.’ Such reviews truly reflect the essence of the company. Mairin has cultivated an ambiance that puts clients at ease and never fails to act in a highly professional manner. It is abundantly clear that Welton Aesthetics Clinic has been built upon a foundation of passion, devotion, and a love for the industry, and for these reasons, Welton Aesthetics Clinic is deserving of the title Hull’s Best for Anti-Aging Treatments, 2021. Contact: Mairin Flynn Company: Welton Aesthetics Clinic Web Address: