GHP Q1 2022

GHP / Q1 2022 15 , Nov21316 The highly specialised design for the pharma industry reinvents itself day by day with surprising acceleration, improving and exceeding itself, taking ideas, innovation and technology to their maximumdemand for a result of excellence – on a planetary scale, where the political and geographic limits are anecdotal. Best Clean Room & Laboratory Design/Build Company 2021 As an architecture and engineering studio, LAB Sud has focused on strategic approaches such as the orange economy and design thinking, defining its DNA matrix, promoting artistic and scientific creativity, appealing to excellence in the quality of each of its projects. It has applied creative design in every possible way, from tiny pieces of industrial furniture to clean rooms and microarchitecture, as well as in large-scale projects for urban developments (larger than 25 hectares) or large size buildings (greater than 5,000 m2). LAB Sud’s team thinks in terms of science-design, where this pairing does not separate; it is a tandem that defines the firm creatively and technically. For three years, it has accelerated a lot in the race to technology within its human team and workspace. Today, it is applying the best current technology to each project: BIM methodology, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D printing, drone technologies, software interoperability, and communication in the cloud between professionals and technicians to work on each project. The firm’s latest projects have had a fabulous variety and diversity, working on indoor agricultural projects for medicinal cannabis in GMP and GAP laboratories; designing capsules for industrial and GMP mobile laboratories; clean rooms for pharma, health, cosmetics, veterinary and research; as well as designs for academic projects. The different scales have also been a great challenge; participating in the development of highly specialised micro elements of furniture, and reaching specialised large-scale urban projects for science, research and logistics of more than 100 hectares. LAB Sud has become a reference in the pharma and health industry advising national and international companies and governments. It is doing it with intensity, and it wants to share its know-how in all possible areas. Experience and knowledge must transcend to innovate. The great current challenge for LAB Sud is to approach designs while adjusting to the changing times, and by always aiming to work outside its comfort zone, where it believes it gives its maximum potential as a team. It cannot solve problems and crossroads in the same way that it did two years ago; the context changes too quickly. The creative and technical demand, as well as lateral thinking, presents a scenario of incredible possibilities to develop projects and new ideas. The creative and technical demand, as well as lateral thinking, presents us with a scenario of incredible possibilities to develop projects and new ideas. It fascinates us to be surprised with the results we achieve. We have tried to unlearn and relearn. The codes and forms are changing very fast, and the strategy is to embrace resilience in every decision and action. This is LAB Sud’s habitat and it is very comfortable with the change. Company: LAB Sud Contact: Juan Andrés Marín Email: [email protected] Website: