GHP Q1 2022

GHP / Q1 2022 17 , Nov21733 It can be hard to stay fit in a busy world, especially in the relative isolation of a village. When Chris Brindley started Fitness in the Village, it was to serve people in his local area with their overall wellbeing. In GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021, Chris’ efforts saw Fitness in the Village named Best Health & Fitness Therapy SME 2021 – Berkshire. We caught up with him in the light of his extraordinary success. Fit For Purpose! The value of good wellbeing cannot be understated, and Chris Brindley has made it his mission to transform the way in which those in the local villages and small towns around Lambourn Woodlands live. Taking an approach which is welcoming and inclusive, he has had an enormous impact on many, from clients in their 20s right through to their 90s. With such a strong track record behind him, we asked Chris to explain a little of what his company does. “It provides a bespoke one to one experience, attempting to cover multiple aspects of the individual’s health and wellbeing,” he tells us. “I aim to advise and educate them as well as train, treat and give informed nutrition advice and guidelines. The practical work covers fitness assessments with reports, personalised training sessions, therapeutic and sports massage – including injury treatments” It’s clear from the outset that what sets Chris apart is the personalised nature of his workload. “My aim is to get every client to a better place,” he explains, “and then support and educate them indefinitely so they are able to really grasp and embrace their “new” lifestyle. I want them to always feel that I’ve got their back and am on hand when they need advice or support.” This depth of connection is not often found within the industry. Many of Chris’ core clients have worked with him for years. “I feel very grateful and humbled by this loyalty, and I have gained some many good friendships through this,” he tells us. Every client who walks through Chris’ doors is different. Each has unique challenges and requires a bespoke approach to help. “My doors are open to anybody,” he smiles. “If I can, I want to help and work with whoever reaches out.” The strength of Chris’ approach has enabled him to continue growing his business as more and more people turn to him for support. For him, the chance to support others is the motivation that keeps him going. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Almost overnight, Chris had to find a new solution to keep in contact with his much-valued clients. As with so many industries, Zoom was a vital cog, keeping his business going. “Personally, I decided to learn this technology quickly and found this a little bit of a lifeline,” he informs us. “It allowed me to continue with some kind of client engagement and their training sessions.” The pandemic changed everything for Chris, and opened up new and exciting opportunities. During the various lockdowns, he subscribed to various industry educational platforms, workshops, webinars and training courses. As the world returns to a new normal, he can meet once more with his clients offering an enhanced skillset which support their development. The future seems bright for Chris. His business continues to thrive, and his clients continue to flourish. His work is not over, but has made a remarkable impact. We wondered what has kept him going, and what has inspired him, throughout this incredibly difficult period. “I feel lucky,” he says simply. “I work in a profession that I love and meet so many wonderful people.” Perhaps greater than any award from GHP, what more does anybody need to feel total satisfaction? Company: Fitness in the Village Name: Chris Brindley Email: [email protected] Web Address: