GHP Q1 2022

20 GHP / Q1 2022 , Nov21840 Combining the most advanced non-surgical treatments from the US and Europe, Ai Beauty provides bespoke treatment plans that aim to satisfy patient needs. Recognised as London’s most InnovativeMedical Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic, Ai Beauty has currently served over 15,000 clients worldwide and has established a trusting relationship and unparalleled reputation amongst its community. 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Based in the heart of London, Ai Beauty is a Care Quality Commission (CQC) accredited and doctor-led aesthetic clinic. Its globally renowned reputation has been highly recognised due to its combination of advanced aesthetic technology and professional medical knowledge that provides its customers with a safe, effective and pleasant experience unmatched by competitors within the industry. In order to become accredited by the CQC, a thorough registration process must be undertaken, where stringent criteria must be met to obtain enrolment. Director Tao Wei explains, “Being registered with the CQC ensures that the highest possible safety standard are being met whilst patience receives treatment with us. Additionally, due to our rich clinical experience, we have formed a mutual teaching and learning relationship with various training institutions (manufacturers), who require our clinical experience and in some special cases to train other clinics.” By following the highest medical safety regulations and its clients’ aesthetic preferences, Ai Beauty is able to bring service standards and the concept of beauty to everyone. Whilst many clients of the company go on to discuss the idea of beauty being ‘you but better,’ Ai Beauty adapts that notion towards learning, improving and getting better in regard to being experts within the industry. Since its establishment, Ai Beauty has promoted and directed its continuous learning beliefs through its company, insisting on its aesthetic doctors, nurses and all support staff to receive ongoing training throughout the UK and internationally. Thus, ensuring that the patients of Ai Beauty will receive the highest level of medical standards, expertise and comfort through visits and procedures. Ai Beauty specialises in various procedures, including hyaluronic acid micro-surgery, toxin, body contouring, skin care, and antiageing procedures. However, the most notable practice that the company provides is Thermage FLX (a skin tightening treatment), which has allowed Ai Beauty to gain a reputation for being one of the first clinics within Europe to introduce such a method. In addition to Thermage FLX, Ai Beauty is also the first clinic within the UK to introduce the newest generation of CoolSculpting (CoolSculpting Elite) - a revolutionary treatment that gives an effective, safe and comfortable experience for fat reduction. Overall, at Ai Beauty, its customer base typically revolves around clients with a higher personal requirement for their lifestyle appearance. “When the clinic was established in its early stages, we developed the customer base through advertising and marketing. Nowadays, according to marketing survey data, we find new clients mostly by word of mouth — more than 75% of our clients choose us by friend referral. This also indicates that Ai Beauty has built up a good reputation among the clients we serve,” states Tao. With immense knowledge and industry-based expertise, several highly-regarded qualifications, certifications and credentials and its renowned worldwide following, Ai Beauty has been recognised as London’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic. Consistently ranked amongst the top clinics within the UK, Ai Beauty is able to utilise its global reputation to gain access to the best clinical experiences, treatments and results. Thus, serving clients to a notably high standard and providing a fully personalised care service. Company Name: Ai Beauty Ltd Web: Email: [email protected] Contact Name: Tao Wei