GHP Q1 2022

22 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21145 Built on a foundation of creativity, ElevateHealthcareMarketingwas established to bring innovation to healthcare agencies. Featuring the best talent within the industry, Elevate pushes the boundaries of collaboration, education and positivity throughout the healthcare industry by reinventing brand potential within each sector. Recognized as theMost InnovativeHealthcare Marketing Company, Elevate is unmatched for its ability to inspire and innovate – leading the healthcaremarketing sector. Most Innovative Healthcare Marketing Company, 2022 Established in 2015 by Lorna Weir and Frank X. Powers, Elevate Healthcare Marketing works with Pharmaceutical, BioPharma, and Medical Device clients to overcome challenges, ensuring each brand can reach its full potential. Winners of MM+M awards for Small Healthcare Agency of the Year in 2020 and 2021 and Best Place to Work Three Years in a row with the addition of the PA award of Best Place to Work in PA, three Years in a row, Elevate has a renowned establishment that permeates success all across the healthcare sector. Elevate works by gathering, mastering the in’s and out’s of a brand, becoming experts in their chosen field. In doing so, Frank X. Powers explains, “We create challenger ideas that disrupt the status quo, compel an action, inspire belief, change a mindset and take on a market challenge.” A talent and industry ability that is unparalleled in gold-standard services. Being winners of several awards across multiple platforms, brands and companies have solidified Elevate’s reputation and encourages quality leadership and performance within the company. As a result, the internal culture is full of achievement and success. That is down to each individual’s roles to establish Elevate as an internationally renowned company with team members who match accomplishment and recognition. Elevate’s overall mission is to champion challenger brands and, due to its bold and innovative efforts, has impacted the marketplace in a groundbreaking way. Though the company is young, the collective experience is vast and deep, with experience and expertise that runs throughout the company’s core. Though intellect has produced a significant effect on the company’s success, it is the drive, passion and dedication for its outstanding work that has allowed the company to maintain success and ensure it yearly – surpassing its own expectations, targets and overall perseverance. Over the past six years, Elevate has grown in terms of capacity, capabilities, talent, and skill. With that, the creativity within the workplace has spread like wildfire – igniting innovation and inspiring out of the box concepts that produce high-quality solutions for clients. For Elevate, success will be a natural stride with all its incredible efforts taking place. However, how it gets there is entirely down to its intrinsically professional, ingenious and proficient staff members that guide the company to great length of achievement, internally and within the marketplace. “There is more of a need now for brands that are not the market leader in making noise to be noticed. In a year that’s been disruptive, it’s more important than ever for brands to be disruptive,” explains Frank, and due to the company’s strategic and creative skills, its efforts are being noticed nationally across the healthcare industry. Its apparent connection to communities, families, and the industry has not only given the company a chance to succeed. Still, it has allowed its success to be reflected back into notable sectors that benefit many individuals. “From the agency founders to the newest addition, everyone at Elevate is focused on lifting each other up and achieving new heights. The same goes with our clients, who want their brands to stand out in a competitive market. By working together, the sky is the limit,” boasts Frank. Company: Elevate Healthcare Contact: Frank X. Powers – CoFounder & Managing Partner Web: Email: [email protected]