GHP Q1 2022

GHP / Q1 2022 23 , Dec21122 Since opening their doors, the teamat ArdenHouse Dental and Cosmetic Clinic has been leading the way when it comes to dental treatments. With unparalleled quality and care at the heart of their operation, the teamhas achieved incredible success in the GHP’s 2022’s Global Excellence Awards. Named 2022’s Leading Innovators in Specialist Oral Surgery, the UK, we take a closer look at the secrets behind their success. Beyond Beauty Nestled in the small village of Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Arden House has become a haven for those looking for top-notch dentistry. The team’s incredible skill has seen them in high demand, taking referrals for implants, minor oral surgery, sedation, periodontology, and smile makeovers. With a friendly approach that puts the needs of patients first and foremost at all times, it’s little wonder that the team has gained such acclaim. The growth of Arden House has seen them increasing the services offered to clients, but the underlying principles of the business have remained consistent since its inception. For them, it is not enough to simply provide treatment. The team built long-lasting relationships, many of which have been with Arden House since its inception. These longstanding clients often refer Arden House to friends because of the high standards championed by the team. Key to these high standards is an awareness of the uniqueness of every patient. Each requires a personalised approach to their treatment. To provide this treatment requires a team that not only has the time to provide a tailored approach but the knowledge on which to build a treatment plan that is bespoke. Not only well trained before they enter the surgery, the staff at Arden House are always exploring new ways of gaining new expertise through additional study and qualifications. This remarkable dentist’s surgery also boasts the latest equipment to support their team in providing exceptional service to patients. Since opening their doors, acquiring precision tools has been a major part of the firm’s strategy, allowing them to avoid unnecessary surgery or unforeseen outcomes. Perhaps the best example of this is the team’s CBCT machine. This allows them to make detailed 3D images of a patient’s teeth, bone, nerve pathways and soft tissues in a single scan and gives Arden House a significant clinical advantage over other practices. The need for an agile approach has been crucial during the pandemic and the Arden House team have taken many steps to ensure that their clients are as safe as possible during these difficult times. There have been increased waiting lists within the NHS for specialised care, which has meant the team has had to increase their oral surgery capacity to support local demand. The pandemic has forced everyone within the organisation to work together, and despite the social distancing measures, the pressure has allowed everyone to bond more closely. The team’s plans for 2022 seem positive indeed, with two dental nurses qualified as oral health educators. The intention is to introduce regular sessions for them to assist patients alongside the other clinical staff. Perhaps the best aspect will be the gradual decrease in restrictions regarding the pandemic. The team have already reintroduced tea and coffee and magazines back into the lounge and greatly look forward to seeing the lovely smiles of their patients again. It’s not enough to simply offer service that is second to none. The team at Arden House push the boundaries of what they can offer their patients whilst never compromising on their services. The success of the team in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards showcases the strength of their approach and the reason why so many have turned to the team for help with her dental health. We celebrate their achievement and look forward to what they do next. Company: Arden House Dental and Cosmetic Clinic Name: Sarah Farrier Email: [email protected]