GHP Q1 2022

28 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21386 Recognised for its Excellence in Dentistry and Oral Health Care, Dr Rez Dental is renowned in Liverpool for offering private general dentistry, Denplanmembership and a range of restorative and cosmetic dental options. Noted for its excellence, Dr Rez Dental is unmatched in all dental fields, proudly providing comprehensive care options that outshine any other practice in the surrounding area. Remarkable Excellence in Dentistry Located on Dale Street, at the heart of Liverpool’s business district, Dr Rez Dental caters to a diverse base of patients ranging from students to professionals and retirees, with comprehensive treatments that can address various dental needs, regardless of age or difficulty. At Dr Rez Dental, patient care is regarded as the utmost priority. Because of this, the practice has developed a specialised level of care highly appreciated amongst its patients – forming genuine bonds and consideration for every individual who enters the establishment. Continuing on the notion of personalised patient care, lead clinician and Managing Director Reza Dilmahomed dives into the genuine mission of the practice by stating, “the practice places a strong emphasis on creating a positive atmosphere and building a strong relationship with our patients is the first step to making them feel part of the Dr Rez family. The goal has always been to create the ideal patient journey, and we have spent many hours discussing and implementing new processes to make each visit as enjoyable and productive as possible.” By getting to know each and every patient on a personal and individual level, the entire essence of the practice shifts from being clinical to hospitable. Dr Rez Dental is considerably different from other surrounding practices due to the natural care and dedication that transfers over to each individual patient. Thus, patients are seen as unique human beings, and treatment is reflected based on their personalised needs. Reza expands on this notion by stating, “it’s easy to take a comprehensive medical history, but getting to know the patient on a personal level really elevates their experience. For example, what’s the patient’s job? Do they have children? The answers to these questions might help us tailor convenient appointment times in future. We allocate longer appointments to nervous patients, schedule families together – basically anything we can to make the experience more convenient and enjoyable. Prioritising the patients on a personal level is what really sets us apart.” While caring for patients is recognised as the most significant priority next to excellent industry ladened standards, it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the staff members at Dr Rez Dental, of which they are heavily respected and appreciated for their efforts as clinical professionals. Reza professes his gratitude for the practices staff by stating, “undoubtably, our greatest success to date has been the team we have brought together. Each staff member is so valued and brings their own talents and qualities into the practice. We are incredibly proud of the team, and their commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards are what really makes the practice special.” However, like with any longstanding and accomplished business, hurdles must be overcome. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge that companies have had to face was widespread worldwide with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Most notably for the dental industry, the most significant difficulty came into practice with the new PPE requirements, which shifted from standard gloves, masks and visors to complete surgical AGP kits. As Dr Rez Dental is established as a private practice, the clinic was fortunate enough to purchase the latest air filtration systems and safety equipment to keep up to date with the change rules and regulations – keeping patients and staff members safe and cared for during those uncertain times. Now that the worst has hopefully passed, Dr Rez Dental is moving on to bigger and better opportunities with its custombuild practice that has been designed in the theme of nature. For 2022, the practice will be adding new surgeries, expanding its clinical team, and investing in newer technology and an on-site dental lab – furthering its professional reach within the industry and exceeding its reputation of providing excellence within dentistry and oral healthcare. Company: Dr Rez Dental Name: Reza Dilmahomed Email: [email protected] Web Address: