GHP Q1 2022

GHP / Q1 2022 31 , Jan22032 Mommy Dentists in Business – orMDIB – is a Facebook group and online community serving the mothers of the dental industry. In essence, eachmember, moderator, andmanager of this group is dental professional and a parent, recognising the unique challenges and difficulties of each role, but especially when both are paired. This has madeMDIB a highly specific and incredibly well curated space for mothers in the dental world, giving thema safe space in which to find support, encouragement, advice, and resources to help themwith the difficulties of motherhood and the stresses of their profession alike. Best Online Specialist Dental Community - USA A group of moms who are also practicing dentists, Mommy Dentists in Business is a space for working women in the oral health industry to come together to discuss work and home life in a space in which they will be understood and empathised with. Fundamentally, this dedicated online community is full of business owners and business leaders, people who recognise what it means to lead a team and be fielding family life at the same time, following the ‘it takes a village’ ethos in order to support one another in any way they can. This includes not just successes, struggles, and general chat, but also a space for shares resources, shared ideas, and business tips and tricks that may be hard to come by anywhere else, ensuring that everyone in the group has equal access to the opportunities and information that each member can provide. MDIB, therefore, is an invaluable space to its members. A private Facebook group with a subscription membership model, the mods and admins ensure that the space’s upkeep is maintained with diligence and an upright zeal, keeping the engagement high and the resources well organised. Additionally, it is the job of the team behind MDIB to keep the space a safe one for its members, an incredibly important role. Its members expect MDIB to be a helpful, secure, and private group of like-minded people to whom they can go for advice and support for business and family life, ensuring that they feel supported and heard in an industry predominantly still dominated by men. Thusly, each member is vetted prior to entry, keeping the interactions and content highly relevant to the interests of the people within. It also has the added benefit of ensuring the people within the group that the challenges they are facing are totally normal, as it is likely that another member – if not many – has been through the exact same thing and can offer some invaluable advice or support to help the enquirer manage the difficulties they may be going through. Consequentially, it has indeed made a name for itself with its ever-expanding support system, its dedication to improvement, and its hardworking community managers, looking forward to welcoming in many more members as it moves into the new year. Company: Mommy Dentists in Business Contact: Alicia Jedlowski Website: