GHP Q1 2022

32 GHP / Q1 2022 , Jan22086 Stem cell research is one of the most fascinating areas of medical exploration, with incredible possibilities for this amazing way of working. The teamat Mesencell Biotech have made their name as leaders in this field. In GHP’s Global Excellence Awards, the teamwere awarded 2022’s Award for Excellence in RegenerativeMedicine & Immunotherapy. We dig a little deeper to discover more about the secrets of their astonishing success. True Centres of Excellence! The world of science is pushed forward by bold innovations and the potential of stem cell research is one of those areas which demands bold thinking and a creative approach. The team at Mesencell Biotech have proven their skill in this regard and fought their way to the forefront of the industry. Now leaders in immunotherapies with natural killer cells and dendritic cells, the team are looking for the next big thing. Mesencell Biotech has thrived thanks to an attitude that is always exploring new ideas surrounding this innovative technology. They are internationally recognised for their expertise surrounding stem cell isolation, propagation and therapies, with a special focus on research into mesenchymal stem cells and secretomes (conditioned media) for translational and regenerative medicine. The key to the success of the firm has come from the production and use of active ingredients of stem cells and dendritic cells. This process is proprietary, and was developed by Dr. Steven Kellner in early 2016. Through the incorporation of beneficial cytokines and exosomes with their cargo of micro and messenger RNA, the team have been able to make enormous strides technology. The secretome is devoid of all cells which decreases the risk of unwanted reactions. Truly, this development has opened many doors to the team which cannot be matched by any of the competition. The growth of the firm has matched the team’s incredible capacity for success. Currently, this has allowed them to begin the process of establishing authorised and licensed “Centres of excellence in stem cell medicine”. These highly specialised treatment centres will offer fat harvest, isolation, banking and therapies with mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) at the highest medical, quality and professional standards. As the Mesencell Biotech team conducts more experiments, they will be able to add more treatments to their offerings, including concepts revolving around monocytes and dendritic cells. Away from the treatment side, the Mesencell Biotech team are running various projects to explore the potential of treating conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes types 1 and 2. This will involve the establishment of clinical trials covering a wealth of different areas. There has already been one observational multi-site trial on osteoarthritis/ cartilage regeneration, and the team have gathered proof of cartilage regeneration with stem cells and their secretome. The amount of clinical data that will be gathered is enormous, generating incredible value for their potential patients. The use of secretome has drawn in a client base that is generally made of VIPs, highwealth business people and athletes from around the world. This is because the secretome treatment has been proven to lower age-related biomarkers by measuring aberrant cellular mechanisms. Each treatment can be altered to meet the specific needs of the individual, allowing the team to offer a customised solution that is second to none. Research opens many doors of possibility, but it takes real vision to bring these possibilities to life. When we look at Mesencell Biotech, we see a firm that is always looking at new ideas and ventures, as well as one which has found a way of ensuring that their products are perfectly suited to the needs of the moment. Their success over the years is why they have been recognised in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards, and why they will continue to thrive for many years to come. Company: Mesencell Biotech Name: Steven Kellner Email: [email protected]