GHP Q1 2022

GHP / Q1 2022 33 , Jan22093 Data storage is amajor factor for any and every business, especially in healthcare. The teambehind SoftIron havemade it their business to provide uniquely superior, incredibly efficient, open source optimised data centre infrastructure solutions for the enterprise. InGHP’s Technology Awards 2021, the teamachieved double awards success, being namedData Storage Innovation of the Year 2021: HyperDrive®and earning the GHP Sustainable InnovationAward 2021. Stunning Storage Solution Secures Success For many, the cloud has become the natural goto data storage solution choice, but increasingly, those same organisations are coming to realise that having all your eggs in one basket comes with certain disadvantages - particularly when it comes to costs, efficiency and security. As external factors develop, such as industry data regulations (particularly in health and finance sectors), or internal demands evolve to meet better efficiency goals, the public cloud is no longer the best one-sizefits-all solution. And so, there is a renewed focus towards hybridcloud or on-premises solutions which enable better control over your data and how you extract the most value from it. Traditionally, most manufacturing of data infrastructure technology is outsourced to third parties, resulting in products of variable quality and with no real way of confirming the standards of the production process. To maintain standards, a new way of working was required. SoftIron is a leader in data infrastructure solutions, whose flagship HyperDrive storage appliances are purpose-built to optimise leading open source technology, Ceph. Every part of the product is designed and built by the company in-house, guaranteeing incredibly high standards from start to finish. Their products are designed by the team as opposed to assembled from other subsystems and reference designs, meaning a highly efficient totally optimised finished product and also meaning the auditing of any processes can be quickly and easily done. This allows clients to assess their own risk when deploying a SoftIron solution. Many people depend on the work of SoftIron across a host of different industries. Private clients including e-commerce, media and entertainment, banking and IT services have turned to the team, not to mention government agencies and research institutions. They do so because the firm’s approach offers greater end-to-end control over their data. Many of these organisations need vast amounts of data, with varying levels of performance. Providing such an open-ended solution requires a team that is willing to be flexible on the detail, but never on the quality. This commitment is best shown through the team’s approach to designing their solutions. SoftIron’s unique, “taskspecific” approach to design and manufacturing means that the team’s hardware, software, firmware, platform, and manufacturing are completed with the singular purpose of optimising specific open-source software for the task at hand. The improvement in performance, efficiency and user experience has been nothing short of remarkable. To improve services for their customers, the team has built a manufacturing capacity that is “globally distributed, locally embedded”, simplifying the supply chain considerably and making them - and their customers - more resilient to challenges that might arise. The policy decision to shorten the supply chains, with multiple points of presence internationally, has softened the impact of global disruption in the IT industry. Whilst it does not make the team at SoftIron immune to the challenges that have occurred, it has made them much more resilient. The pandemic also saw many companies turning to the cloud for solutions, but now they are adopting a hybrid cloud approach which gives them more control over the security of their data and more flexibility over the implementation and functionality of their solutions, with fewer barriers to scale. As a company built on adapting to suit the specific needs of their clients, it’s clear that this is a service that will allow the team to thrive for many years to come. The growth of SoftIron has matched an increasing demand for the services they offer. Thanks to their innovative approach to designing their products, they have been able to scale rapidly over the last few years. Already, the team have plans to grow the footprint of their factory in North America, open a new factory in Sydney, Australia and increase their presence in Asia and Europe. The future seems bright for this talented team, with their innovation and determination to succeed allowing them to flourish in a rapidly changing marketplace. Needless to say, their success is well-earned, and certain to continue long into the future. We look forward to seeing just what SoftIron does to change the shape of this part of the market in the months and years to come. Company: SoftIron Web Address: