GHP Q1 2022

34 GHP / Q1 2022 , Jan22160 Allara was met with immediate success, hosting a waiting list of over 10,000 people. Indeed, this simply shows how vital its services are – people with PCOS have, for decades, been underserved by the health industry. Allara is on a crusade, changing the lives of those dealing with PCOS for the better, providing an attentive and personal service. Best Virtual PCOS Care Platform, 2022 The typical response after a polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis is to be placed on hormonal birth control, and whilst this can alleviate some symptoms, it is neither a sustainable fix nor is it suitable for everyone. When one in ten women of a reproductive age deal with this condition, it is important to understand that not one body is the same – everyone is different, everyone deals with different symptoms, and everyone has a different level of severity. Forcing every person down the same path simply is not working, nor has it ever worked. Created by Rachel Blank, the now CEO, Allara spawned out of a personal need for a new method of tackling PCOS. For years Rachel grappled with the medical system in an attempt to find a suitable treatment with no success, but through it all, she couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling of being alone in her journey. Frustrated and discouraged, Rachel began talking to others with PCOS and soon discovered that these feelings were common – normal. Rachel decided to make a difference, building a platform that offers the compassionate and specialised care that those with a PCOS diagnosis need. Allara is an all-in-one platform that focuses on the person and their diagnosis as an individual, deviating from the traditional methods and instead taking a holistic approach. The service connects patients with OB GYNs, nurse practitioners, and registered dietitians, building a network of one-on-one support. Patients are able to connect with their support team via video calls and messaging. Furthermore, the experience is entirely tailored to the patient, including a bespoke care plan that is flexible as the client progresses through treatment. Upon joining, the patient can expect to be paired with both a medical provider and a registered dietician, both of whom will evaluate the patient’s medical history and create an in-depth evaluation which is then provided via video call. Any blood testing or diagnostics will be ordered at this stage. From here, the patient and their team will develop a holistic care plan to tackle the symptoms—which may include dietary and lifestyle changes, nutrition counselling, and medication. Ongoing support and care are then supplied in abundance, with the client having unlimited access to their care team, helping them stay on-track with their health goals. Henceforth, it is vital for the Allara team to be passionate about helping people, as they are serving a large group of people that have been neglected by the healthcare system for far too long. Transparency and effective communication are also necessary elements, for Allara does away with the overly complicated medical jargon and simplifies any and all lab results and technical language. Indeed, Allara is built to make effective PCOS care more accessible, therefore, the staff must embrace people of all types and treat each patient with individuality in mind. Allara’s success is mirrored in the plethora of reviews and testimonials that can be found both on the company’s website and on Trustpilot, where the company has received multiple five-star reviews. One user left a review stating that they, ‘Highly, highly recommend Allara!’ Adding that they were surprised to learn that they had a slight insulin resistance and that the treatment provided had increased their energy levels drastically in the short time they had been using it. In addition, within a testimonial on Allara’s website, Brittany S. says that her experience has been ‘the first time I’ve actually started feeling optimistic in dealing with PCOS!’ Most recently, Allara announced the actress and activist, Jaime King, as the new Director of Impact. King was compelled to invest in the company after her own experiences with PCOS, endometriosis, and fertility struggles, and saw the platform as a new way to bring awareness to and destigmatise the conversation around PCOS. The company has also developed a diagnostic tool that aims to get to the root cause the symptoms with an advanced diagnostic metabolic and hormone test and a 30-minute follow-up virtual consultation. However, the company is now turning its attention to the future and is on a mission to expand its services across all 50 states. Contact: Monica Cepak Company: Allara Web: