GHP Q1 2022

36 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21397 ExomGroup, lauded as the ‘Most Innovative Full-Service CRO’ for 2022, offers an exemplary technological platform throughwhich it grants access to incredible digital logistical help to clinical trial experts. Making clinical trials easier to conduct, more reliable, andmore technologically compatible, its clients and partners appreciate howmuch its Genius Suite platformmakes the gathering and analysis of data and various variables that much easier, allowing that to keep track of any potential confounding elements as well as manage their resources and other nitty gritty elements of trial composition. Improving Clinical Trials Worldwide Being the world’s first global, fully digital, and full-service CRO, Exom Group is an acting, full-service CRO that has committed itself to modernizing clinical trials for the better. Fundamentally, it recognizes that in a world with ever-changing standards and demands both for the increasing quality of products that come about from research and for a greater variety of treatments to help the world combat the myriad emerging challenges of the modern era, the providers of clinical trials have more pressure on them than ever. It has responded to this by stepping up to the plate through the offering of comprehensive, fully digital, innovative solutions that combine a variety of different elements, from the company’s expertise in managing clinical trials and its ever-improving cloud-based platform – Genius Suite – to its ability to improve efficiencies and escalate process speeds. Furthermore, this increase in the speed of its processes doesn’t take away from the quality that a customer can come to expect from Exom CRO. In this manner, it is continually improving upon itself, combining its expertise in everything from specific efficiencies and escalating process speeds to ensuring high-quality data and cost-reduction, from the earliest stages to the latest stage and outcome studies. Exom’s Group’s dedication to hard work and constant improvement has allowed it to secure a dedicated customer base over the years that use it as their one-stopshop for remote clinical trial management, from Phase-1 IV Studies to NISs, Investigator Initiated Trials, and more, working with the producers of drugs, nutraceuticals, and medical devices. With a mission of implementing the next generation clinical trial 5.0 processes for professionals across its industry, it hopes to give its clients the opportunity to find the best way to manage their own logistics, research specifics, and results. Additionally, through the combination of its staff’s human expertise, with the efficiency of digital technologies and advanced technological analysis, it can provide customers with the value-added services that ensure their studies can boast the most trustworthy and provable standards of reliability from the beginning of the study’s creation right through to the analytical stages. Moreover, as well as a generating a large roster of clients who laud Exom Group as exemplary, it has been able to accrue significant notoriety amongst peers across its industry in the macro scale. Part of the Cliniscience subsidiary of the Neuca Group, it has joined forces with the professionals therein in order to strengthen the international and operational infrastructure of Exom Group, ensuring a mutual knowledge sharing that promises to improve both corporate entities as a direct result. This, in line with everything that it has been working towards since it was founded in 2014, has allowed it to implement 5.0 clinical trial processes to provide study sponsors with value-added services and exceptional study experiences. The other internationally qualified partners that it is proud to name as amongst its corporate allies form the Exom Alliance. Each of these partners have benefitted from being trained to use Exom’s technologies and processes, providing an established organization that operates across Europe, North America, and other markets; innovating clinical research by learning alongside the active research of its sector, it conducts itself with passion, integrity, transparency, caring, and innovation at every turn. Boasting remote, decentralized clinical trials and advanced analytics, its services portfolio is expansive and impressive. Each service – bolstered and improved by Exom Group’s own dedication to keeping itself at the forefront of its market – has proved thoroughly impressive and holistic at every turn, something that each of its clients appreciate as they put their faith in it, making it their technologically savvy partner in their studies. Nominally, it offers consultation services, study or design protocol, feasibility and site selection, regulatory services, medical writing, study management, data driven, risk-based monitoring or management, data management, statistical analysis, and report writing. This all goes hand in hand with its medical monitoring, PV, lab support analysis, quality assurances, auditing, trail supply management, peri and post approval, and IITs, each of which promise to transform, assure, operate, and reduce different