GHP Q1 2022

40 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21574 For many, the humble pharmacy has become a place to avoided, one where a clinical approach has overpowered friendly faces. The teamat Fishtown Pharmacy have made it their mission to bring a smile to their patients, treating with the care and attention they deserve. In the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021, the team’s attitude earned them the title of Best Independent Family-Owned Pharmacy – Pennsylvania. We lookmore closely to discover more. A Pharmacy For You! When it comes to finding the perfect pharmacy, there are few providers more ideally equipped for the field than the team at Fishtown Pharmacy. With an approach which fast and friendly at all times, their tireless efforts have transformed the perception of pharmacies in the local area. Retail pharmacy has become an industry increasingly dominated by the need to meet challenging demands in terms of clinical achievement. Often these demands are met through sacrificing a high level of customer care. For the team at Fishtown Pharmacy, service and expertise are valued above all. They have made it their dream to bring this prestigious industry back to its roots, and the success of this concept is shown through the way in which they have flourished over the years. Key to this has been the approach of the team, who boast a strong background in holistic medicine, vitamins, supplements, and nutrition as well as standard pharmaceuticals. This incredible breadth of knowledge has been key to supporting patients from a variety of places, offering the appropriate path forward for each individual. As a result, the team have made themselves as accessible as possible in person and by phone to answer any questions and offer advice on what treatments they are taking. Accepting all insurance plans, this is a pharmacy that is open to everybody who walks through its doors. For many, a pharmacy is a place of stress, only attended when you are ill or unwell. To alleviate the stresses of the day is the team’s first priority at all times. Whether it’s contacting your old pharmacy to transfer prescriptions, delivering medicines in person or filling a prescription in double-quick time to ensure that you can go about your business, they go above and beyond every time. The ideal of the local neighbourhood pharmacy is one which seems oddly quaint nowadays, but it’s an image which the team at Fishtown Pharmacy are determined to return to. With service at the core of what they do every day, it’s little wonder that they have been able to achieve such incredible success both for themselves and for the community at large. We celebrate their tremendous achievement and look forward to what they are going to do next. Company: Fishtown Pharmacy Name: Kris Hunsicker Email: [email protected]