GHP Q1 2022

GHP / Q1 2022 41 , Dec21690 The dental industry is constantly evolving, but the best changes are driven by those who know the challenges faced by dental professionals on the ground. The team fromContour Healer is a great example of this, offering a product that ensures superior healing with less chair time. In the GHP Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2021, the team earned the title of Leading Experts in Implant Restorations – Virginia. We take a closer look at what they did to achieve this high level of acclaim. Implant Innovators Lead The Way Developed in 2009 by Dr. Trey White, the Contour Healer is an essential addition to any dentist’s toolkit. Typically, dental professionals have had to settle for standard, cylindrical metal abutments that do not mimic the proper emergence profile needed to minimize food impaction and provide optimal aesthetics. They should not have to settle, and neither should their patients. Thanks to the Contour Healer, they won’t have to. Made of medical-grade PEEK, the Contour Healer is a temporary healing abutment for implants that can be used to properly shape the gingiva. For many dentists, valuable time and money is spent in a surgical environment on solutions that aren’t as effective as the Contour Healer. Easy to adjust and polish as required, this impressive solution has made a name for itself as the option of choice for many dentists. When Contour Healer first began selling to others, leaders within the implant industry were certain that it would obsolete within a few years as a result of computerized dentistry. Despite the rise of 3D printing technology, it remains an ideal solution for many dentists thanks to its cost-effective nature and its easy adaptability in the chair. The restorative process couldn’t be more straightforward, with no need for releasing incisions or local anesthesia resulting in better patient comfort. There have always been alternatives to settling for the standard abutment, namely the fabrication of custom abutments chairside or the installation of 3D printed prefabricated abutments but both carry hefty cost and considerable investment of time and money for both dentist and patient. The Contour Healer is designed by someone who works in the industry and knows the limitations of working within it. This is why so many other professionals have made it their option of choice when it comes to healing abutments. Since opening their doors, the market for what the Contour Healer sells has increased considerably. Their range has grown enormously and now the product is available for many different implant systems and comes in a premolar and molar configuration. This range is only set to expand during 2022, with several new and improved models compatible with more implant systems. 2020 and 2021 were particularly challenging for the business as elective procedures were cancelled and demand diminished, but a resurgence in the market as backed up operations finally proceed has allowed the team to return to levels of success seen before the pandemic. The success of the Contour Healer comes from the mindset behind it. Not simply driven by technological innovation, this is a product that is driven by a need for those who work within the industry. Their success has been secured by aiming precisely at the needs of those who practice on a day-to-day basis and is why so many continue to use their products. Company: Contour Healer Name: Trey White Email: [email protected] Web: