GHP Q1 2024

15 GHP Q1 2024 he modern-day marketplace is rapidly evolving, making it increasingly difficult for companies to navigate both their technology and business needs. For Life Science enterprises, finding the right balance between skilled people and innovative technology is essential to achieve success. However, most struggle to do this both efficiently and effectively. This is where Innova Solutions comes in, utilizing its in-depth wealth of expertise across domains to deliver bespoke solutions designed to propel clients’ businesses forwards. It offers a comprehensive range of technology services, including digital product engineering, cloud services, data and analytics, intelligent automation, and cyber security. The company also provides exceptional talent solutions, enabling clients to tap into a network of highly skilled professionals. Whether they require temporary project support, specialized expertise, or ongoing team augmentation, the company will provide the perfect talent. Innova Solutions is proud to serve a diverse client base of over 1,100 organizations, who operate within industries like Healthcare, Life Science, Medical Devices, Insurance, Retail, CPG, Banking, and Financial Services. Within its Life Science and Medical Devices business segment, the company has over 5,500 talented team members, including clinical trial professionals and regulatory and compliance experts, all of whom possess extensive domain experience. Innova Solutions is proud to serve nine out of ten top pharmaceutical companies, six out of ten top medical device companies, and eight out of ten top biotechnology companies. Vaibhav Srivastava, President of the Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, and Public Sector SBU at Innova Solutions, comments on the success of this segment, “We have built a dynamic team by leveraging Innova’s legacy of technological excellence to redefine and elevate Life Science services and solutions. In the face of unprecedented challenges within an ever-changing healthcare environment, we stand united as Innova Solutions, ready to help organizations excel.” In everything it does, Innova Solutions offers unmatched flexibility, adapting its solutions to address clients’ unique challenges, fulfil their needs, and seamlessly integrate technology with their existing infrastructure. It combines an innovative AI-powered recruitment engine with proven technology practices to deliver the optimal blend of human expertise and cutting-edge solutions, all tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements. Paul Cmiel, Senior Vice President and Segment Head of Life Sciences at Innova Solutions, adds, “Our Life Science team is shaping the future of patient health. We work with clients globally, helping to solve industry challenges, from talent to technology, using AI, mobile apps, IoT, data and analytics, and digital solutions, with the end goal of Based in Duluth, Georgia, Innova Solutions is the USA’s leading technology and talent services company, offering a broad range of solutions designed to benefit the health ecosystem and drive ideal outcomes for clients. Established in 1998, the company has grown into a trusted enterprise with more than 50,000 employees, returns approaching three billion dollars, and operations in the US, UK, Europe, Mexico, Australia, India, and Taiwan. Here, we explore its work in the wake of its success in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. Best Full-Service Workforce Lifecycle Management Enterprise enhancing the customer experience. Our team of Life Science SMEs have been assembled to ensure that Innova’s solutions and service offerings address the specific business needs of our Life Science clients and the industry in general. Advancement is happening faster than ever - the future is now!” Recently, Innova Solutions has been working with a large pharmaceutical company, serving as its strategic partner in executing a multi-year strategy around Real-World Data (RWD) and RealWorld Evidence (RWE). For decades, RWD has fueled research and the generation of RWE, but never before has it held such transformative potential. Due to a recent surge in digital health strategies, the ability to carry out population-scale RWD collection and analysis has been unlocked. However, almost 80% of healthcare data is trapped in unstructured formats. This is a hurdle that must be overcome before the full potential of population-scale RWD collection and analysis can be reached. With domain expertise, a global talent powerhouse, and cutting-edge technology skills, Innova Solutions is well-equipped to help the client create and implement innovative solutions, empowering them to overcome barriers and achieve success. For its outstanding work, Innova Solutions has been awarded the title of Best Full-Service Workforce Lifecycle Management Enterprise in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. In the years to come, the company will remain focused on facilitating the success of its clients through innovation, dedication, and an agile operating model. Alongside the improvement of its key services, it also plans to invest heavily in designing and developing enterprise-grade accelerators, frameworks, and solutions for the Healthcare, Life Science, and Medical Device sectors. Contact: Charlotte Gurney Company: Innova Solutions Web Address: T Feb24252 Paul Cmiel, SVP Segment Head, Life Sciences at Innova Solutions