GHP Q2 2019

16 GHP / Q2 2019 , Feb19376 The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) supports pharmaceutical scientists in all stages of the drug development process by focusing on science, careers, and community. Earlier this year, the associationwas recognised in GHP Magazine’s annual Biotechnology Awards programme as the ‘Best Pharmaceutical Sciences Organisation inNorth America’. We spoke withWalterMarlowe, Executive Director at AAPS, to find out more. At the Cutting Edge of Pharmaceutical Innovation AAPS represents one of the largest professional pharmaceutical science organisations in the world, with an impressive – and undeniable- ability to drive innovation for the betterment of global health. Since its formation in 1986, it has become a global leader with 7000 individual members around the world and 10,000 active stakeholders acting as one cohesive force driving towards one common goal. Today, it is focused on providing educational opportunities and ongoing professional development for those operating within the sector, working to ensure that pharmaceutical science is defined, primarily, by continuous innovation. As Walt moves on to explain, AAPS is unique in its member composition and culture. “AAPS provides unique value in bringing together pharmaceutical scientists from across industry, academia and government to integrate, collaborate and share knowledge, which ultimately leads to the advancement of global health. Additionally, as a not-for-profit professional association, AAPS has the unique ability to create member- centric products. Our members are the scientific experts, and they are the contributors to AAPS’ products. At the end of the day, we create content by the members for the members.” As you might expect, these products are based on “extensive research”, such as member surveys, readership surveys, focus groups, landscape analysis and advisory groups. “We follow best practices for quantitative and qualitative research to garner and evaluate reliable metrics, which shape our offerings.” “We represent early- and mid-career industry scientists and executives; contract research organizations and manufacturers; graduate students and professors; and many more. AAPS spans a large geographical range as well: 77% of members are in the United States, 4% are in Canada, 2% are in India, Germany, and the United Kingdom each, and we have members in dozens of other countries.” Further, as a member-centric organisation, AAPS seeks to understand the core drivers of the industry and how those drivers, in turn, impact their members. The association’s enduring success hinges on this evaluative loop as they monitor “Learning, Innovation, Service, Inclusiveness, Integrity.”