GHP Q2 2019

22 GHP / Q2 2019 , AMH18038 The Sebastian LiewCentre (SLC) was launched in 2004 as the first and onlyWestern herbal medicine clinic in Singapore. Last year, SLCwas recognised in Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s annual AlternativeMedicine &Holistic Health Awards as the Natural Medicine Specialists of the Year in Singapore. We spoke with the firm’s Director, Sebastian Liew, to find out more about the company’s ethos, culture and imminent future. A New Golden Age for Medical Herbalism The alternative medicine sector has flourished on the back of a renewed interest in the greater health and wellness sphere over the last couple of years. People are now actively seeking out healthier, more sustainable, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, following in the footsteps of their ancestors hundreds of years ago. Herbal remedies, perhaps too easily dismissed as ‘old wives tales’ are now thoroughly in vogue, their effectiveness reinforced by scientific research. Unlike its popular Chinese variant, Sebastian’s unique take on medical herbalism finds its origins in Classical Europe, through the work of noted physicians Hippocrates, Galen and Pedanius Dioscorides – an ancient sort of wisdom. Sebastian takes a moment to offer more insight into his work. “My work involves clinical consultations for clients and patients who want to seek alternative treatment or solutions for their health conditions. They are usually mature adults and young families who believe in the natural approach to health and treatment of a variety of diseases – autoimmune, allergies, skin diseases such as eczema and hives, fatigue, heart diseases, hormonal issues, depression and anxiety, to name a few. To this day, Sebastian Liew Centre remains a bastion of medical herbalism, and one of the few centres in Asia who advocate for a European approach. “My practice is one of a kind in Singapore. Many people in the region are still ignorant of phytomedicine, though many are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine. I try my best to be a healing-centred medical herbalist, always putting my patients’ interests first, and profits second. I also enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge via my blog, articles, talks and books, so people can have informed choices and an avenue for healthy, effective alternatives.” “I am known to dispense safe, high quality, pharmaceutical grade herbal medicine, health products and supplements, supported by personal coaching and a holistic approach. I am very much known in my circle to always and constantly be looking for the highest quality products for my clients. I believe my circle of clients and followers also realise I am not a trend follower. I stand for what I believe and stand by what I don’t.” As we come to the close of the interview, Sebastian takes some time to talk about the future of his company. Most notably, 2019 heralds a new product range under the brand name, Leaf to Life, which aims to help others across Asia to benefit from Sebastian’s twenty years of experience in complementary health practices. “We will have a completely new website and social media platform, with the aim to reach out to people across the Asia Pacific. The Leaf to Life brand has a special focus on wholistic aging™, a term I coined to mean a state of wholeness and functional ability in our physical body, mind, and soul. I hope to do more education through Leaf to Life all over Singapore and beyond so that more people will liver a better and healthful lives.” Company: Sebastian Liew Centre Pte Ltd Director Name: Sebastian Liew Address: 150, Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza, #07-06, Singapore 238841 Website : Telephone: +65-65389978