GHP Q2 2019

6 GHP / Q2 2019 , May19079 Following their recognition in GHP’s 2019 Excellence programme as the ‘Leading Dental Implant Centre in Birmingham’, the teamat Scott Arms Dental Practice explainwhy they are worthy winners of the accolade. Scott Arms Dental Practice: Leading Dental Implant Centre 2019 – Birmingham When it comes to the replacement of missing teeth, Scott Arms Dental Practice has thirty years of hard-earned experience in replacing teeth with dental implants. We have treated thousands of patients since 1990 and placed thousands of implants in that time, more than almost any other dental practice in the West Midlands. Moreover, we receive referrals from many other local dentists with patients travelling from all over England to be seen by one of our practitioners. One of these practitioners is Phil Tangri, who is one of the most experienced implant dentists in England. He has been placing dental implants since 1990 and clinically provides support and oversees implant cases at Scott Arms Dental Practice working alongside his award-winning team of dentists. In addition, he has supported and mentored many dentists over the years, delivering lectures and teaching in this field. Also known as screw-in teeth, dental implants replace missing teeth via the placement of a small titanium insert into the jawbone, providing a foundation for crowns, bridges and dentures much like a natural tooth root would. In a nutshell, dental implants are your third set of teeth. Dental implants look, feel and function like your natural teeth, and can be used to replace single teeth, several teeth or even a complete jaw. They’re also used to stabilise dentures from moving. The benefits of dental implants over conventional methods of tooth replacement include the preservation of the gum and the supporting bone. They also help distribute force over your remaining teeth, lengthening their lifespan. How a Single implant and Crown Can Complete Your Smile Restoring a gap at the front of your mouth with a single implant and crown provides the most long-term and aesthetic results. Because the implant itself fuses with the bone of the jaw, the implant tooth will be strong, stable and act just like any other tooth in the mouth.