Q2 2020

10 GHP / Q2 2020 , Dec19206 Helping Stay Healthy At Home Founded by Mariana Njie, M&N Healthcare has a long and proven history of recruiting and supplying only the best quality healthcare professionals, all of whom are often skilled in multiple specialities. Since the company’s formation in 2017, M&N Healthcare has emerged as the leading specialised healthcare recruitment agency of choice for healthcare professional individuals looking for short or long-term placements, and for those seeking to employ only the best. The approach is simple and straightforward, yet incredibly powerful. By recruiting and training the very highest calibre of nursing and healthcare professionals through its comprehensive induction procedure, the firm can ensure that clients get the maximised levels of nursing skill and experience for taking care of people in their own homes. The purpose of M&N Healthcare, quite simply, is to be there for individuals and their families to help make life easier, happier, healthier, and more enjoyable. Each and every single day, there are elderly and vulnerable people at home alone who are not being properly looked after or cared for. These individuals often have a broad range of struggles or worries, making daily life more of a task than an opportunity. M&N Healthcare is amongst the most trusted and respected providers of in-home care and support for people in their homes, retirement communities, assisted living, and nursing and care home facilities. Wherever an individual calls home, M&N Healthcare can be there to help. For those families worrying about a relative, there has to be an unparalleled level of trust, that the healthcare professionals will be able to adequately handle all the various complex and intricate needs that a family member’s care often requires. It is not just the elderly or the individuals that society deems the most vulnerable, however. All manner of people require help and care within their homes. It could be individuals recovering from a recent injury or illness, or someone who has recently undergone major surgery that affects their life in a key way. Recovery can take a very long period of time, longer than most working family members can afford to take off. Home care specialists can fill that void, stepping to aid and assist with any home-based recoveries. It could also be people facing lifelong challenges and continuing care needs, or working families who need help with an elderly parent or grandparent. There are so many reasons why home-based healthcare professionals are vital, and these are just of the examples that M&N Healthcare works with. When it comes to the actual service that M&N Healthcare provides, the level of commitment to care in unmatched across the industry. Experienced, helpful booking and recruitment consultants are always ready to provide assistance with any client requirements. Reachable at all hours of the days, and every day of the year, any staffing requirements can also be taken care of. The on-call team always delivers a consistent and supportive services, whether it is an emergency request at 1am, or a 12pm lunchtime call out. With its new dynamic booking systems, M&N Healthcare specialises in covering urgent shift requests that require swift responses. To maintain the trust and professionalism of M&N Healthcare, the firm works in close collaboration with every client. Building personal and professional relationships with clients, their families, and the healthcare workers themselves, the firm looks after everyone like no other agency. Healthcare professionals in particular are rewarded with excellent terms and conditions, high quality training, generous bonus packages, and social event gatherings to let loose and have fun. However, to be considered for a role with M&N Healthcare requires a great deal of key qualities, due to the critically important and deeply personal nature of the services it provides. Being a home care provider requires a caring and compassionate attitude, reliability, honesty, a commitment to respecting diversity and equality, self-reliance, the ability to work as part of a team, and a desire to constantly progress and develop home care providing skills. Just as there is an expectation of respect for diversity and equality amongst the staff, so too does M&N Healthcare itself show that same respect during the employment process. Valuing and respecting diversity across its workforce, there are comprehensive policies and procedures in place to ensure that there is no discrimination of any kind against any employee or service user on the grounds of gender, race or ethnicity, religious or spiritual beliefs, age, disability, or sexuality. Everyone has a part to play in caring for the elderly and vulnerable at home, and there is no room for discrimination in any of that. A positive attitude towards equality and diversity is right for the professionals and the processes. People should be able to feel safe in their own homes. For the elderly and the vulnerable in society, this can be a harder challenge that many people could ever anticipate. The work of healthcare professionals providing home care is incredibly vital, especially nowmore than ever with the outbreak of coronavirus putting the United Kingdomon lockdown. However, one Birmingham-based firm continues to go above and beyond. We take a look at what make M&NHealthcare the Home Care Provider of the Year 2020 – Birmingham in this issue of Global Health & Pharmamagazine.

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