Q2 2020

12 GHP / Q2 2020 , Up to nine out of every ten adults in the United Kingdom could have some formof gumdisease that, if left untreated, could end up causing loss of teeth, bone, and the gums themselves. For more than fifteen years, the teamat the Al-Fa Perio clinic based in London has been providing leading laser gum treatments, and have become specialists in periodontology. Somuch so, that we at Global Health and Pharma recognised the work of the clinic by awarding them the title of Periodontal Clinic of the Year 2019 – Essex. Now, we find out more about the exceptional services it offers to patients. Laser Focused on Success Proudly providing effective laser gum treatments since its establishment in 2004, the team of highly trained specialists and cosmetic dentists at Al-Fa Perio Clinic are here to help patients achieve that strong, healthy, and beautiful mouth with laser gum and dental implant treatments. Each one of the laser gum treatments has been carefully designed to ensure it is extremely effective in treating and preventing the effects of gum disease. Crucially however, the treatments can also be used to encourage gum growth, particularly in areas that may have been restricted due to problems such as receding gums. The importance of having healthy gums is more than simply aesthetic, and the necessity for an effective, long-lasting gum treatment plan is what makes Al- Fa Perio Clinic such an attractive option for so many individuals. One of the core team at the clinic is Dr Rana Al-Falaki, who has discovered, founded, and pioneered numerous laser gum treatments and techniques that have since been adopted by periodontal clinics across the United Kingdom. Every staff member at the Essex clinic offers a range of leading treatments, all of which have been meticulously designed to improve the oral health of the patient. The team specialises in providing effective, non-invasive, and beneficial treatments for patients all over the county and the capital. Al-Fa Perio Clinic is wholly committed to providing periodontal treatment that doesn’t result in further loss of gums or bone structure. Laser gum treatment, when done right and effectively, can target, eliminate, and help to prevent gum disease. More than just treating the gums for the disease that has become present, laser gum treatments for periodontal disease has a wide range of oral hygiene benefits. As well as the protecting and encouragement it offers towards bone and gum growth, laser gum treatments are dependable and long-lasting solutions in creating a strong, healthy oral foundation for the wealth of things mouths do every day. Al-Fa Perio Clinic’s laser gum treatments are minimalistic and discreet, designed to be comfortable and pain-free for that perfect oral hygiene. Smiles are a key part of how confident some people feel. For those whose confidence relies on their smile and how they feel when baring their teeth, Al-Fa Perio Clinic works tirelessly to restore not only the gums and the teeth, but the confidence, smile and joy of the patient themselves. Using the latest techniques, the best technology, and the finest periodontists that the country has to offer, Al-Fa Perio Clinic is undoubtedly one of the best around for building up oral hygiene and giving people back confidence in their own beautiful smiles. Company: Al-Faperio Clinic Website: www.al-faperio.co.uk Nov19363

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