Q2 2020

14 GHP / Q2 2020 , Jan20455 The Wonders of Wellbeing Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Addiction. These four factors affect the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands every year. As many become overwhelmed on the psychological battlefield, the need to turn to new solutions becomes ever more obvious. Proud winners of Best Cognitive Behavioural Therapy AI Application: Enlyte in 2019’s Technology Awards, we turn our attention to an incredible organisation, dedicated to removing a significant social stigma. When Professor Dr. Falk Kiefer and Dr. Jan Malte Bumb came up with the idea for Enlyte, with its unique combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as practices of Distraction and Mindfulness, they couldn’t have foreseen the enormous impact it would have. Designed by expert psychologists and neuroscientists for use by the public at large, it’s no surprise that Enlyte has taken the world of mental health by storm. The app is guided by the latest in scientific developments, meaning that it is no surprise that the team have been able to enjoy incredible success. Using technology to develop a simple “Buddy in your Pocket”, Enlyte is an easy and straightforward way of allowing people to help themselves, one day at a time. This self-empowerment is the secret of the success of Enlyte, providing a solution that is entirely without stigma. The potential of the app is unparalleled, thanks to the use of innovative AI and Machine Learning. Originally, the aim was simply to reduce relapse rates in rehabilitated addicts, but many of the concepts and ideas have been transferred to the app’s new ambition. Those using the app are greeted with a series of simple steps and nudges that help the user to rediscover the best in life, making the cultivation of positive habits the primary goal. Using mindfulness practice and gratitude thinking, the app encourages its users to focus both on the present, and the good that has been. This focus on small, beautiful events is the key method used to transform people’s lives. It’s intrinsic to how the Enlyte team help their users to achieve the much-needed inner peace and balance that is required to make the most of life. In order to achieve the exceptional results that Enlyte promises, a careful combination of technology and behavioural science is used. The app is equipped to track the moods, activities and social interactions of a user, using this information to advise them of the positive and negative impact of their actions. The latest in Artificial Intelligence spots these trends and patterns, allowing users to plan more thoroughly the ways in which they can handle challenging situations and triggers. One of the most interesting techniques used by the team is that of binaural beats. This auditory illusion has been proven to decrease anxiety in a passive manner, the effect determined by the beat frequency and duration. Subliminal messaging, with positive affirmations, is used by the Enlyte team to assert an image of positivity, in terms of attitude and changes. Having created an app that could revolutionise the way in which people access support for their mental health, Enlyte seems to certain to go from strength to strength. As more people use the app for longer periods of time, the more effective it becomes in terms of the analytics, tools and services that are on offer. With such incredible potential for growth, it’s no wonder that the team has set itself up for the long haul, ready to go the distance in terms of making Enlyte into the definitive brand in the marketplace. Having already achieved major success, it’s no surprise that Enlyte is ready to go even further. It holds an enviable position, ready for expansion at a moment’s notice. The importance of mental health and wellbeing is only just being recognised by many people, and it is sure to be an incredibly important consideration for many going forward. New problems require new solutions, and Enlyte is the stigma-free option that could transform the world for many. Contact: Don Hernandez Web Address: www.enlyte.bot

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