Q2 2020

GHP / Q2 2020 15 , Creating and Curating Cannabis Perhaps one of the most innovative and outstanding ideas that the cannabis production industry has had since becomingmore widely popular and regulated, PowerPlant Park is the first legal project of its kind in the state of California. In last years’ Medical Marijuana Awards, it was crowned the Best Marijuana Cultivation Facility 2020 – California. Now, we at Global Health and Pharmamagazine take a closer look to find out what makes this facility so exciting for the cannabis industry in America. PowerPlant Park is undoubtedly one of the most innovative projects that the cannabis industry has undertaken in the state of California, and is doing things the right way. Fully legal and helping to eliminate the lengthy wait that some individuals must endure before growing their own cannabis, PowerPlant Park offers craft-growers and canna-investors the opportunity to immediately secure a legal address required to obtain a state cultivation license. One lease at PowerPlant Park, which can last between five and twenty years, eliminates the wait that many individuals have when it comes to acquiring municipal use permits and state licenses. But what is it that makes PowerPlant Park so special as a facility, and more than just a way for cannabis growers to reduce their wait times? The park has been designed and engineered as a custom greenhouse space for any grower looking to make use of it. In principle, it is a cannabis production facility that includes forty five greenhouses, a nursery, and a processing centre, supported by an office and meeting space, a restaurant, a covered eating area, and guardhouse. Situated on an improved area of the San Francisco Bay Trail, the PowerPlant Park project has ensured that each and every single one of its mixed- light greenhouses is engineered to produce only the highest grade and quality of cannabis flowers and extracted products in the state. Each one of the greenhouses themselves have been manufactured and provided by Nexus of Colorado, one of the premier providers of hybrid greenhouses across the entirety of the United States. PowerPlant Park was granted its CUP approvals and full entitlements to its nearly-nineteen acre site in mid-April 2019, after a unanimous vote from the City of Richmond’s planning commission. However, the monumental effort by the team behind PowerPlant stretches over more than twenty eight months, each one spent working meticulously and tirelessly with city and state officials to ensure the proposal was watertight. Whilst site work supposed to begin shortly after April 2020 and the park’s first tenants would begin their Phase 1 occupancy in September 2020, the coronavirus has sadly played a part in the delaying of that schedule. Instead, the team continue to prepare for what will inevitably become one of the best hubs for cannabis growers in and around the state of California. As the PowerPlant Park must now be opened in phases across several years, the plans are already in motion to begin the opening of Phase Jan20269 I-A of the park. Phase I-A of the eventual PowerPlant Park will include a model greenhouse and a solutions centre, which comes with a sales showroom, tasting room, education centre, and a super-critical CO2 extraction laboratory. Beyond that, further phase I-A buildings will include the aforementioned nursery, processing facility, and four production greenhouses. In particular, the model greenhouse will prove particularly useful to PowerPlant Park as it grants the ability to gather critical intelligence for tenants under the same conditions that will already exist in their own greenhouses. Innovation is important in any business, but cannabis is in a constant struggle to be recognised as legitimate when compared to other businesses. As PowerPlant Park develops and grows, so too does the respect that the cannabis industry demands. It is a business that many are proud to be a part of, and this latest development is just another way of enhancing the growing capabilities that cannabis farmers and growers all over the state of California and beyond. Company: PowerPlant Park Contact: Richard Treiber Website: www.powerplantpark.com

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