Q2 2020

16 GHP / Q2 2020 , King of Kentucky’s Dental Industry People often knowwhat they want to be froman early age. They find a career that suits their interests or their skillsets, and they stick to with passion and purpose. Dr Ricky L. Farmer DMD is one such individual, and the mastermind behind Kentucky’s Best Dental Practice 2020, Lake Pointe Dental Care in Somerset, Kentucky. Surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests, and the beautiful Lake Cumberland, discover howDr Farmer has cultivated a reputation of success for his exceptional dental centre. Underpinned by the motto of “Delivering contemporary, comprehensive, compassionate care”, Dr Farmer and the entire team at Lake Pointe Dental Care have ensured that the people of Somerset, Kentucky, have all their dental needs met. Dr Farmer himself is a man of many firsts, having been the first person in his family to attend and finish college, as well as being the first dental professional in the family. During his college and postsecondary education years, Dr Farmer became really interested in biology, anatomy, and the human body. Coupled with a desire to do something with his life that would help people look and feel better, be healthier, and allow them to succeed in different aspects of their lives socially, financially, and for their general health, Lake Pointe Dental Care had a recipe for success. The vision for Lake Pointe Dental Care then took off, as Dr Farmer began to delve deeper into the world of dentistry. As well as being good with finer details, creativity, and have a knack for design, symmetry, and aesthetics, Dr Farmer brought a passion to help people to his work. Dentistry married May20021 these aspects together, and alongside a team of professional colleagues and associates, Dr Farmer brings the philosophies of care and proper oral hygiene to his work at Lake Pointe Dental Care. The clinic couldn’t be placed any better either, within the state of Kentucky. Despite the rural nature of Somerset, it functions as the medical hub for that particular part of the state, with many hospitals and specialists choosing to make home there. Advancements in dental techniques and materials continue to make such a difference to what the industry can offer today, and the skill, experience, and commitment of the team at Lake Pointe Dental Care is pivotal in bringing those techniques to patients. Using a unique combination of science and artistry, Dr Farmer and the team can literally redesign a patient’s smile and restore their confidence. Together, everyone can experience a wide range of teeth correction techniques of dental problems, including missing teeth, gaps between teeth, bite dysfunction, stained or discoloured teeth, and a myriad of others. Taking care of the mouth is a vitally important part of good hygiene, and Lake Pointe Dental Care is the perfect partner for patients to achieve their dental dreams. Even going so far as to master the more advanced dental techniques is not beyond Dr Farmer and his team. In the years since the dental centre was opened, Lake Pointe Dental Care has become a place of medical brilliance, offering advanced techniques in laser dentistry, intraoral camerawork, and digital imaging, as well as services relating to CEREC ® , Invisalign ® , and Zoom ® Whitening. For those who may have lost the joy of their smile and the power of their own confidence, Lake Pointe Dental Care exists to fix that. Restoring teeth and so much more than that, Dr Farmer and his team continually go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that each and every patient has access to only the highest quality of dental care that they deserve. Company: Lake Pointe Dental Care Contact: Ricky Farmer Website: www. lakepointedentalcare.com

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