Q2 2020

18 GHP / Q2 2020 , Dec19216 Pathology Perfection In the realmof specialist consultancy, the right experience canmake a huge different to a project. For JB Consulting (MDP) Ltd, experience is their watchword and their promise. Nowhere is this better shown than in the firm’s recent triumph of being awarded the title of Best Diagnostic Pathology Services Consultancy - UK in GHP’s prestigious Technology Awards. We lookmore closely to see how theymanaged it. JB Consulting has spent the last several years providing essential services to organisations in the United Kingdom and in Nigeria. Under the stalwart leadership of founder John Bolodeoku, the team have been able to provide exceptional advice on vital work that is being undertaken in healthcare systems. The work of JB Consulting MDP is based on the work of pharmaceutical medicine and diagnostic pathology. Turning years of knowledge and skill towards the matter, Dr Bolodeoku and his team have been able to assist in the development and distribution of a number of point-of-care devices in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Their expertise and sheer depth of research into the field has seen them regarded as experts in the profession and has been a major help to those products in clinical development. One of the ways in which the company’s formidable bank of knowledge has been accumulated is through a great deal of data generation, as well as effective communication and dissemination. JB Consulting MDP has developed an impressive network of resources, publications as well as a solid database on which to draw information. The team has had a major effect on the way in which clinicians see this information when applied to point-of-care devices. JB Consulting’s work demonstrated how integral it is to the successful uptake of items that really make a difference to those who need it most. The ways in which JB Consulting MDP achieves this is simple, with the team aiming to provide an exceptional service by completing a top-quality job. Needless to say, the company has attracted a lot of clients with its impressive research ability, with JB Consulting MDP called into act as consultant for institutes throughout Nigeria including Delta State University Teaching Hospital and VESTA Healthcare Partners Nigeria Ltd. In addition, JB Consulting has conducted significant market research into various Pharmaceutical Specialities and Laboratory Diagnostic Services. A similarly successful record could be cited in the UK as well, with John Bolodeoku and team providing vital interim contract work for a wide range of Pharmaceutical companies such as Astellas Pharma GB, Daiichi-Sankyo UK, Napp Pharmaceuticals UK, Roche UK, Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe, ICON Solutions UK, Lilly Diabetes UK and Innoture, UK. The company’s specific services cover the areas of Pharmaceutical Medicine Consultancy, Diagnostic Pathology Product Development and Marketing Consultancy, Diagnostic Pathology Research Consultancy and Healthcare Market Research. Dr Bolodeoku has led his team to great success in these projects, working alongside the organisations already mentioned. For the team, success comes from constantly striving for excellence. It is this attitude that has won them such acclaim through the scientific community. Of course, striving for excellence also means paying close attention to the way in which the market is heading. The advent of Artificial Intelligence has changed the way in which data can be used, opening opportunities to explore new ways of thinking. In common with this trend, Dr Bolodeoku and his team have made a point of collaborating with companies that are involved with this new technology in order to develop these new methodologies. In all, it’s no surprise that JB Consulting has gone on to achieve such incredible success. The steady hand of Dr Bolodeoku has seen it grow to evermore impressive heights, and we look forward to seeing what this intrepid company does next. Company: JB Consulting MDP Ltd Contact: Dr John Bolodeoku Website: www.jbconsultingmdp.co.uk

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