Q2 2020

24 GHP / Q2 2020 , Jan20404 Technology plays amajor part in every aspect of our lives, and finding newways of using that technology tomake everyday actions easier has been the key to success for Xandar Kardian Inc. Named in GHP’s Technology Awards 2019 as Most Innovative Fall Detection Technology Provider 2019, we lookmore closely at the organization to see what they do, and how their amazing resources can be deployed in other circumstances. Smart Thinking Since 2012, the team at Xandar Kardian have worked to transform the world of smart buildings, security and healthcare. A registered USA C-CORP technology start-up with its R&D roots in Hanyang University, South Korea, the business has gone from strength to strength. With a strong focus on the buildings of tomorrow, the team have worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of their work is fit for the future. As a company steeped in technological development, it’s no surprise that the aim has been to explore ways in which people’s lives can be improved through its application. Smart buildings, with all their potential, are prime targets for the solutions that the team have produced. In the case of hospitals, Xandar Kardian has been able to provide an invaluable service. Using carefully planted sensors throughout a building, it is possible to see what a patient is doing, and how soon they start to do so. With this way of working being continuous, camera-free and wearable-free, the results have produced a 98% hit rate. With as many as a million falls in US hospitals, between 30% and 51% causing injury, it is possible to keep a more effective watch on proceedings, reducing harm for individuals. With help from nurses, the team have developed their solution to match the needs that they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Instead of reacting to a fall, patients are tracked throughout, meaning that when sitting up or fidgeting, someone can already be on the way to prevent any trouble. The results have been exemplary, with reduced administration, improved patient care and a lower cost of care on the part of the hospitals. This ability to track people and transform that information into data has been applied to several different scenarios. The most obvious in in the team’s people counting solution. Using sophisticated AI technology, the team have proven capable of counting how many people are in or out of a building through its entrances. Zones can be created and tracked using trackers placed in the ceiling, walls, pillars, signage or even from a product shelf. The versatility of this system cannot be overstated, with the investment made by the team allowing them to adapt in an agile fashion to fast-changing circumstances. Nowhere is this more obvious than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their state-of-the- art solutions allow for the ability to explore real-time occupancy status at desks and toilets, as well as tracking when they must be disinfected by janitorial staff. Coughs and heartrates can be checked and measured against the average. The information gathered also allows businesses to see how space is used, save energy where appropriate and to know precisely where people are if an emergency should arise. This technology is not just useful during the pandemic but goes a long way to making the best use of technology for the future. As wellness affects the productivity of the workforce, having more ways in which to track an employee’s wellbeing is paramount. It goes without saying that this technology can be applied to those working at home, providing that extra level of care for all concerned. The team at Xandar Kardian have grown quickly, but their ability to adapt to new information is a credit to them. Some solutions are fit only for one moment in time, unable to be used again. This is a firm, however, that is creating products of the future for the people of today. It’s this approach that has given them such distinction and made for such an enviable success. Company: Xandar Kardian Inc. Contact: Sam Yang Web Address: www.kardian.com

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