Q2 2020

GHP / Q2 2020 25 , Jan20359 Roaring Success for Lion Dental Centre Planning a full family trip to the dentist can be a stressful and time-consuming affair, especially for those whose schedules are so busy that there never seems to be enough time in the day for it. That is where Stourbridge-based family dental clinic Lion Dental Centre comes in. Having won two awards in 2019’s Oral Health and Dentistry Awards, find out what makes this centre both the Cosmetic Dental Practice of the Year 2019 - West Midlands and the Leading Providers of Dental Implants 2019 - West Midlands. Proper dental care is something that everybody should strive to make an integral part of their hygiene routine, especially when it comes to families ensure that the children have proper oral hygiene growing up into their adult lives. At Lion Dental Centre in Stourbridge, the team do everything they can to make trips to the dentist as stress-free and easy on the calendar as possible. Offering all manner of superior treatments, including cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, Lion Dental Centre is a bastion of excellence within the industry. With highly trained staff and excellent practices, each award the centre wins is a fitting testament to its ongoing success, as is the expertise, experience, passion, and pride in the work that the team have. Without a doubt, quality and patient satisfaction are at the heart of everything that Lion Dental Centre has achieved over the years. Everything has been carefully and thoughtfully designed for the comfort of patients, from the ground-floor of the practice, to each of the individual treatments and procedures that the team offer. There is also an onsite pharmacy for maximum convenience and comfort for patients. The entirety of the surgery makes use of the latest in cutting-edge dental technology so that every patient can experience the most efficient and effective service possible. In addition to the flexible appointment times, Lion Dental Centre ensures that every accommodation possible is made for the sake of the patient, dispelling any myths that people don’t like going to the dentist. Just a handful of the key benefits that Lion Dental Centre offers to its clients include state-of-the-art surgeries for comfort and clinical excellence, diamond-status Invisalign clinicians for exceptional outcomes, free cosmetic consultations, and a friendly and welcoming environment for it all to take place in. Two of the areas in which Lion Dental Centre truly excels is the provision of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. When people have a full set of teeth that look great and work perfectly, they are often given little-to-no consideration. It’s only upon losing a tooth or having a problem that they become the focus on people’s hygiene routines. Losing a tooth can impact on how well mouths function, without mentioning the feelings surrounding the smile and appearance. This is where Lion Dental Centre’s dental implants come in. With the help of in-house Implant Expert Mario Veltri, who has years of experience fitting dental implants in Stourbridge, patients can have their teeth, smile, and confidence restored to the levels they want to be at. Dental implants from Mario and his team at Lion Dental Centre look and feel just like perfectly natural teeth. Made from ultra-pure titanium and highly effective at replacing the root of a missing tooth, these implants can be placed in either the upper or lower jaw and, in time, will bond with the jawbone to create a firm foundation for an eventual false tooth to be affixed. The other area in which Lion Dental Centre specializes in cosmetic dentistry, particularly teeth whitening. As one of the easiest, most cost- effective, and long-lasting ways of restoring a smile and confidence, teeth whitening is something that more and more people are looking at as part of their cosmetic dentistry. Lion Dental Centre offer in- surgery tooth whitening for instant results on brightness in less than an hour, and also offer ultra-thin and custom-made whitening trays and gels that can be used in the comfort of the patient’s own home. All whitening is carried out by trained professionals, who make sure the process is safe, quick, and comfortable. The whitening results can last a lifetime, boosting smiles by up to eight shades. Dental hygiene is something that everyone should care about, and Lion Dental Centre is just one example of how excellent the industry can be in providing confidence for people who may have lost it. Whether it is dental implants or cosmetic dentistry, Lion Dental Centre continues to set the bar for dental clinics and surgeries everywhere with its exceptional service and excellent patient care. Company: Lion Dental Centre Contact: Emma Bingham Website: www.liondentalcentre.co.uk

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