Q2 2020

26 GHP / Q2 2020 , The Next Generation The world of medical marijuana and cannabis related products is opening up, with an incredible amount of potential for those who have gone into the sector. Recognized in GHP’s Medical Marijuana Awards 2019 as Leading Pioneers of Medical Cannabis Products - Puerto Rico, we profile NextGen Pharma, LLC to how they’ve made headway in this exciting industry. Founded with the vision of revolutionizing Puerto Rico’s pharmaceutical industry, NextGen Pharma has gone from strength to strength with impressive speed. With the name of the game being the creation of innovative options that can improve a patient’s quality of life, while also guaranteeing the well-being of Puerto Rican patients, the team has moved quickly and effectively to making a vision into reality. Medical cannabis has already begun to play an important role in treatments across Europe and the US, with 24 states legalizing it for medical use. When this happened in 2016, the team at NextGen Pharma knew that they would be able to play a major role in making this new approach into an exciting reality. For those patients with debilitating conditions, such as sclerosis, HIV, fibromyalgia, migraine, epilepsy, amongst others, the work of NextGen Pharma is vital. It is the state’s foremost provider of medical cannabis, with the team taking care to ensure that all products are made in in a controlled, regulated environment and with the highest quality standards. In the medical industry, such commitment to quality is paramount in order to ensure that patients are able to experience pain relief in its totality. The team at NextGen Pharma have carefully designed a wide range of products, each Jan20176 inspired by different cannabis strains such as indica, sativa and hybrid. Each product contains different levels of active ingredients like THC or CBD, and has its own specific use. To make what could be a complicated process for patients into one that is relatively straightforward, all of these products boasts a simple naming system. Currently, NextGen Pharma is in its first phase of operation, with at least 60% of its production dedicated to GEN1. This decision has been made because GEN1 has a proportion of THC/CBD that possesses the therapeutic effects favored by physicians and backed by several clinical trials. As time goes on, it is planned to expand the range of products even further, exploring the myriad possibilities that medical cannabis presents. As previously mentioned, a great deal of importance has been placed on providing the best possible product to clients, and the NextGen Pharma team undertake many tests that go above and beyond the legal requirements to provide patients with the ultimate in quality. Tests into the areas of cannabinoid profile, terpene content, microbiology and chemicals are provided as a complimentary service, and performed out an independent and certified laboratory. As the environment has become more of a priority for businesses, it has become clear to NextGen Pharma that consideration for ecology will be key to success. To this end, the team have put plans in place to maximize production. This will involve using a hybrid model, combining the agricultural advantages of indoor and outdoor growing. A purpose-designed, eco-friendly operation model, one which favors the recycling of materials, water conservation during the cultivation and production process and minimizing solid waste, has been put in place to meet the needs of tomorrow. It is this forward-thinking approach that characterizes every decision from NextGen Pharma. In all, it’s no wonder that NextGen Pharma have achieved so much success in such a short space of time. Their tenacity and determination to make their mark in such a new industry is applaudable, with the result being one of inevitable success. Company: NextGen Pharma, LLC Contact: Abner Rivera Web Address: www.nextgen.pr

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