Q2 2020

GHP / Q2 2020 29 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 5 g Dr Faheem Latheef Dr Faheem Latheef MBCHB, MRCP (Derm), MBA, MD, FRCP (London) Website: www.drfaheemlatheef.com Twitter: @drf_latheef | Facebook: drfaheemlatheef Instagram: @drf_latheef | LinkedIn: drfaheemlatheef about lifestyle factors, such as their diet, that can impact on the condition of their skin. On top of his wide-ranging skills in dermatology, Dr Latheef also specialises in skin or contact allergy, relating to a particular type of allergy where people typically present with dermatitis, itching, or scaling of the skin which can affect any part of the body. Whilst commonly being seen on the face and hands, it can also be observed in patients already diag- nosed with eczema that is getting worse and not responding to treatment. This type of allergy relates more to things that go in contact with the skin, rather than foods or consuma- bles. Given the increasing use of cosmetics and personal care products, this type of allergy has greatly expanded over time, requiring the specialist knowledge of Dr Latheef. Dr Latheef’s allergy testing at Leeds is incredibly compre- hensive, and his centre in Leeds is one of the few in the country that can test to such a level that patients travel from all over the country and further afield to be seen by the best. Called ‘patch testing’, Dr Latheef sees a patient three times a week. Firstly, on Monday to apply patches on the back which have allergens in them. Then, the patches are removed on Wednesday, before a final analysis on Friday for any delayed reactions. Any reaction shows up as a red patch of skin. With an increase in allergies to more things than ever, Dr Latheef’s service is vital for hospitals referring patients due for surgery, and dentists about to perform oral surgery. There is never a dull week in dermatology; a fact to which Dr Latheef can well attest. As part of his work, he is privileged to meet people from all walks of life, whilst being privy to the visible improvements in their skin through treatments. As part of his mission to treat people, Dr Latheef goes beyond the physical. There is also a significant improvement in their quality of life, mental health, and confidence levels; a factor sometimes underestimated when dealing with skin diseases. That is accomplished through Dr Latheef’s desire to break down the doctor-patient barrier and treat his patients like close friends or family members. Building a strong relationship with the patient can not only lead to a more detailed and in-depth history for better diag- nosis, but it can also empower patients who might otherwise be embarrassed to seek help because of the severity of their skin condition. Giving patients their confidence back is one thing but understanding the need for these people to be seen as human and normal again is just as important. That is where Dr Latheef excels, helping people get back to their best, in more ways than one. However, keen to expand his work, Dr Latheef has his sights set squarely on accomplishing his mission of ensuring everyone in the world has the skin they want. As recently as the end of 2019, he had been invited to be a visiting consultant at the Kings College Hospital in Dubai, where he has set up acomprehensive patch testing service that had been lacking in the UAE previously. Going forward he is also looking at using the latest artificial intelligence technology and apps, to promote a more holistic approach by optimising nutrition and lifestyle factors in order to serve more people. Ultimately, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Taking care of one’s own skin is an important part of caring for your mental health, as well as your physical. Dr Latheef’s dermatological knowledge and humane compassion has seen him emerge as one of the foremost leaders in the field across the United Kingdom, but his global ambitions for better skincare will surely elevate him to new levels of deserved success.

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