Q2 2020

GHP / Q2 2020 7 Research, Educate, Dominate by one parameter, which could be price. Unfortunately, when patients substitute quality for price, it often ends up costing them so much more. That is what Trikwan Aesthetics are seeking to avoid, by educating the public and helping them to understand what good practice in aesthetics looks like. At the heart of the clinic is their simple yet effective motto: Research, Educate and Dominate. Prior to visiting Trikwan Aesthetics, both Dr Zoya, and Dr Sanjay strongly urges that their patients have thoroughly researched the clinic before they go anywhere for treatment. As the clinic places a strong focus on educating all patients through the doctor/patient journey, the team ensure that they go into great detail regarding treatment plans, product choices and the science of ageing, anatomy and beauty. The reason is simple, they want to ensure that all each patient that walks into Trikwan Aesthetics leaves happy and empowered following their treatment, and ultimately be ready to dominate and take ownership within their own life. Every patient should always be clear on what the risks are, what the worst case scenarios are, and most importantly, how clinics handle such events. This is truly what separates the very best, such as Trikwan Aesthetics, from the rest. Those who can take responsibility and deliver the best results are those that can be trusted, even if it means undoing their own work and having to fix it in the worst case scenario. In the industry, there are those who can pretend they know what they are doing, having attended a one-day course and done some online research. Dr Zoya and Dr Sanjay’s breadth and depth of experience continues to stand them miles apart from the competition, and that is without mentioning the results. The customer service is exceptional, the results are luxurious, and the clinic itself is nothing short of utterly fantastic. One team member in particular who plays a key role in the clinic’s success, is Trikwan Aesthetics Clinic Manager, Tammy who establishes strong connections with each client who walks through their doors. Patients can be most happy when they understand exactly what they are getting into, and why the results they are paying for are the best. Trikwan Aesthetics continues to be the best, with measures in place to always explain treatment plans in detail, the thought processes behind them, how the plan will correct or improve an issue, and showcase the beautiful results that will stand the test of time. The more you learn about Trikwan Aesthetics, Dr Zoya, and Dr Sanjay, the better it gets for the patient. Company: Trikwan Aesthetics Contact: Dr Sanjay Trikha / Tammy Swaby (PA) Website: www.trikwan.com

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