Q2 2020

8 GHP / Q2 2020 , As a value-added distributor of aesthetic medical equipment primarily to the market in the United Kingdom, Cambridge Stratum is a one-of-a-kind firmwithin its industry. Having been successfully crowned the Leading Supplier of Aesthetic Equipment 2020 in this latest issue of Global Health and Pharmamagazine, we take a closer look at what makes it such a beacon of excellence. Acquiring Amazing Aesthetic Equipment Aiming to supply world-class products at more affordable prices with no reduction in quality of either the product or the support is no mean feat, but one the team at Cambridge Stratum approach every day with unwavering enthusiasm and energy. As an independent, broad-spectrum distributor, the firm is able to source products from around the world that offer the best combination of performance, quality, and price. One of the key benefits that comes from the breadth of Cambridge Stratum’s range, which encompasses most of the major technologies in the aesthetics market, is that this enables the firm to offer even-handed and factual advice regarding competing technologies. A further benefit is that the more affordable pricing better enables combination treatments which can provide better personalised overall treatment, tailored to the needs of the individual patients. The intention here is to raise the expectations of patients and better satisfy their needs, such as with those seeking to lose weight. Cambridge Stratum is working closely with the National Medical Weight Loss Programme to facilitate weight loss. Within this programme, patients would also be able to access body contouring so that they lose the weight preferentially from where they choose, as well as offering skin tightening to improve any May20148 resultant skin laxity and skin resurfacing to treat stretch marks. Each of these treatments compliment the actual weight loss and encourage the patient to continue on with their journey to where they want to be. One of the founding principles behind Cambridge Stratum is that is sees aesthetics as the outward expression of inner wellbeing and underlying good health. As such, the firm prefers prevention and early intervention processes and procedures rather than the later correction of severe issues. To achieve this, Cambridge Stratum recognises the need for a multidisciplinary approach to a healthy lifestyle as vastly preferable to a quick fix. A logical extension of this therefore is that the aesthetics can best be treated by treating the underlying wellbeing of the patient. In order to ensure that Cambridge Stratum follows through on its aim to supply products built to the highest standards, it sources key components from proven reputable suppliers all over the world.. For example, the firm has sourced laser components and modules from the United States, whilst Japan has proven to be a source of corrosion-resistant valves. Italy is perfect for pumps, and the United Kingdom is a hub for pharmaceutical-grade solutions and ARM Android running processors. With the aim to always reinforce Cambridge Stratum’s mission to bring to market world class products at more affordable prices. However, sourcing and selling products is but a small part of the exemplary service that Cambridge Stratum provide. It has since gone further, with the introduction of Cambridge Stratum Total Care. With Total Care, one monthly payment will cover machine lease, installation, onsite training, marketing support, ongoing warranty for the duration of the agreement, and routine annual maintenance. In addition, anytime from two years after a purchase, the machine can be upgraded and the cost of any unused services can be credited. Cambridge Stratum has also introduced FlexiPrice onto key products that can support it. When a product is purchased on FlexiPrice, its cost is discounted by up to thirty five percent. This price then includes a twelve- month warranty and a specified number of machine use cycles. Further cycles can be purchased and installed on plug in cards. The advantages of this system are a greatly reduced downside if the business does not grow as fast as expected, which is especially useful in the current Covid-19 lockdown. Aesthetics is a rapidly evolving speciality and its effects are being increasingly recognised as providing something much more than simply correcting a few lines and wrinkles. It is an integral part of peoples’ wellbeing and Cambridge Stratum stands as a beacon of excellence supplying the market with the latest most advanced technology at prices clinics can afford. Company: Cambridge Stratum Limited Contact: John Culbert Telephone: 01223 846881 Email: info@cambridgestratum.com Website: www.cambridgestratum.com

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