Q2 2020

GHP / Q2 2020 9 , Medicinal marijuana and cannabis may be a relatively new concept to some, but it is a rapidly evolving and developing formof pain relief that can be incredibly useful for many people in the world today. In PalmSprings, CA, the 420 Oasis is a state-of-the-art dispensary offering only the finest products and superior customer service for those in search of medical marijuana. In fact, the firmwas named Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary 2020 - Southern California in GHP’s recent Medical Marijuana Awards. We take a closer look at the firm to understand the benefits it provides to somany. Growing Success in Medical Marijuana Founded by Laila Nabhi, the 420 Oasis is a game- changing new dispensary for medical marijuana in a prime location nearby Palm Springs International Airport. Having expertly demonstrated itself to be one of the hottest new spots in the city, 420 Oasis is now the best reviewed dispensary in the entirety of the Coachella Valley in Southern California. Despite still being very much in a development phase, the popularity of medical marijuana cannot be overstated. The medicinal benefits are plentiful, and firms such as this one only serve to enhance the cannabis shopping experience like never before. With an interactive screen system for simultaneous shopping and learning, clients both old and young, seasoned or new, can come and experience the genuine care of the team in finding the best product for each customer. At this moment in time, there is a clear divergence between medical and recreational marijuana. Medical patients are not looking for a psychoactive effect from their product; rather, they are simply seeking pain and anxiety relief in many cases. As cannabis prepares to be federally legalized, more doctors are becoming comfortable exploring the medicinal benefits of the plant itself and the emergence of non-smoking products has been meteoric. At the 420 Oasis, there are now a plethora of ingestible products such as edibles, tinctures, capsules, and topicals that have become wildly popular amongst those seeking the health benefits of taking cannabis. Having Feb20058 been an avid member of the cannabis community since 2009, and having overseen the success of several dispensaries in Southern California, there are few individuals better equipped to handle these changes that Laila. There are a number of major challenges facing the medical marijuana industry, and some specific to Laila and the team at 420 Oasis. Firstly, when cannabis finally becomes federally legal, the necessary logistics will require a period of transition. There will be a wealth of new regulations that must be kept on top of, and meeting deadlines and requirements for those new regulations will be a key differentiator between average dispensaries, and the truly great ones, like the 420 Oasis. Another challenge will undoubtedly be the influx of emergent brands and storefronts. With such high levels of competition, it is essential for companies such as 420 Oasis to stand out and strive to be unique. This challenge opens up the opportunity for companies to produce higher quality products, and for dispensaries to re- establish themselves. Other opportunities may come from peripheral businesses who are just beginning to open up to working with cannabis, such as electricians, lawyers, and certified doctors. This increase in demographic grows wider every day, and 420 Oasis is reaping the benefits. Different to the traditional dispensary, 420 Oasis houses twenty touchscreen monitors that allows for more patients at once and greatly reduced waiting times. No user is rushed, and everyone can take their time to ensure they get the right product. Clients who are familiar with medical marijuana can align their preferences seamlessly, whilst the monitors can also help newcomers who are perhaps too nervous to ask questions. Not only is this systems more informative, it is also more user-friendly, ensuring everyone can be seen swiftly and easily. From a business perspective, the 420 Oasis offers more data collection than any other dispensary in the valley, and can help other businesses grow faster by offering detailed statistics about their products. Heading into 2020 and beyond, the 420 Oasis has its eyes set firmly on growth. Already renowned for its large-scale outdoor events featuring the likes of Snow Tha Product, Dizzy Wright, and the Marley Family, the firm is going bigger and better. With an upscale lounge also on the way, it is clear that the guidance from Laila has engineered this medical marijuana dispensary into a position of great strength to help those who need it most. As cannabis becomes more and more accessible, offering it to those in a medicinal capacity is yet another way this firm continues to ensure its ongoing success. Company: 420 Oasis Contact: Laila Nabhi Website: http://the420oasis.com/

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