GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 11 , May21388 From its Iceland headquarters, Controlant is empowering world-leading companies in the pharmaceuticals & life sciences and food & beverage sectors and their supply chain stakeholders to achieve greater efficiency by automating their business processes and optimising communication through technology. Named Best Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Solutions Firm2021 – Europe in this issue of Global Health and Pharmamagazine, we profile the company to find out more about how its supply chain solutions can help businesses. Transforming the Global Supply Chain Controlant’s mission is to deliver value across the end-to- end supply chain by dramatically increasing visibility of product flow and condition quality while minimising waste through a completely new category of automated Cold Chain as a Service® solutions. Using its IoT, cloud-enabled advanced analytics, API connectivity, and cost-reducing operational services, customers are achieving an annualised ROI and millions in savings, reducing material losses, and enhancing the reliability of their operations. Historically, Controlant’s competitors providing temperature-monitoring data loggers have offered passive, single- or limited-use technology to meet regulatory requirements. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers using these types of loggers lack the visibility needed to proactively prevent waste, save costs, ensure patient safety, and drive broader decision making. Every year, temperature variations are responsible for the degradation of up to 35 percent of the world’s vaccines. The biopharma industry loses approximately $35 billion annually due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics (IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science). Within the cold chain, problems typically happen at multiple handoff points. Today, temperature excursions count for nearly 80 percent of supply chain problems, damaging products and diminishing consumer confidence in the brands they once trusted. Each lane of travel (air, road, rail or sea) requires different handoff points and poses different risks. Losses of temperature-controlled products often occur because cold chains have historically lacked real- time access to actionable data that enables accurate decision- making and documents the integrity of delivered cargo. Excellence and quality are in everything that Controlant does; its technology is designed to keep people and products safe, so its devices are validated by multiple regulatory bodies to ensure the highest quality. The company’s core values are creativity, quality, transparency, and fun, which lead to innovation. These principles have guided the company since its beginning in 2009. It is a transparent organisation where the leadership team is dedicated to sharing the company’s successes and obstacles with all staff so they can align on common goals. Open to everyone bringing their best ideas to the table, creativity and ingenuity bring about transformation, innovation and growth. Controlant’s employees are the reason the company has been able to grow so rapidly throughout a global crisis and continue to bring the best technology to the market. The pandemic changed nearly everything about the world in a matter of months. The pharmaceutical supply chain had to evolve, too. Even before the vaccines were created, there were pharmaceutical ingredient shortages, reduced flights, and border closings that all disrupted the supply chain. Plus, billions of vaccines need to be manufactured and then distributed through the ultra- cold chain. Without the right systems in place, it could have been disastrous. Thankfully, the pharmaceutical supply chain proved resilient enough through implementing new technology that can minimise waste, prevent theft and security issues, increase collaboration, and protect product integrity and quality. Controlant’s most recent project has been the development of an innovative control tower platform which has helped integrate the pharma value chain. Business units, manufacturers, and supply chain partners can realise increased efficiencies, internal and external collaboration, information sharing, cost-saving, improved customer-centricity, and ultimately endure patient safety. By integrating systems with distribution data and business intelligence data, its innovative technology is not only able to connect different teams from the manufacturer internally, but also external teams, such as carriers, government stakeholders, and health clinics. Real-time shipment data is available through Controlant’s Supply Chain Visibility platform, and data and escalation alerts can be pushed to relevant parties in the supply chain as needed. Automated alerts can apply, for example, if a palette is split up, if shipments have arrived at the wrong location, if there is a longer than usual dwell time, if there is a suspected security issue, and so on. This goes beyond typical temperature alerts that other supply chain technology providers offer. Each of these alerts can trigger and automate a communication and escalation workflow, as well as other custom events to increase responsiveness and prevent waste. Real-time temperature and location visibility has been essential to help bring stakeholders together, prevent waste, and ensure the transported products’ safety. Company: Controlant Contact: Heidi Holman Website: