GHP Q2 2021

12 GHP / Q2 2021 , May21361 The Danish design of the ground-breakingMoto Tiles focuses on an aesthetical, minimal and functional designwhich brings fun, happiness and life-quality to its elderly users. It’s a simple, enjoyable and fast solution to a number of physical and cognitive functioning issues, such as balance, strength, agility, memory, reaction time, andmore. We take a closer look at this award-winning company to discover what makes it the Best Senior Care and Rehabilitation Technology Company 2021 – Europe. Play and Joy for Seniors Designed with Henning Larsen Architects along with sound design by D4zed (known from HBO series sound design), Moto Tiles is technology by world-renowned researchers on playware, modular robots and user-friendly interactive systems from Technical University of Denmark with decades of collaboration with LEGO. Moto Titles is a set of pressure- sensitive tiles with eight lights in the middle which can illuminate in all the colours of the rainbow, and they come with a tablet where a variety of games can be accessed. The tiles can be easily set up anywhere and are designed as puzzle pieces which can be combined in a number of ways or placed separately, providing even more flexibility and making it easy to adjust the difficulty of the chosen game so it is tailored to the individual user. The Moto Tiles games are changing lives, enabling seniors to regain functional abilities to live independently. Its clinical effects have seen a 150% improvement on balancing among the average 83-year-old after just four hours of play. In addition to helping with mobility, the games are bringing much more joy to users’ lives and enabling them to forget their limitations. The same scientific experiments that highlighted the danger of older people not exercising also show that older people who train or play with Moto Tiles just once or twice a week can significantly improve their balance and physical functioning skills. Playing different games that involve chasing colours and sound on the Moto Tiles for between ten and fifteen minutes once or twice a week is enough to combat the effects of inactivity. Other scientific experiments with Moto Tiles show that elderly people with reduced functional abilities can very quickly achieve significant improvements in both physical and cognitive functional abilities by the cheerful play. Even a short period of inactivity, like during the COVID-19 enforced lockdown period, has had dramatic health effects. Scientific experiments show that older people with an average age of 79 years who do not exercise for two months can experience significantly deteriorated balance and physical functioning skills. A mere two months can change someone’s life in drastic ways. Inactivity is something that people can no longer afford to ignore. With the rapid decline in functional abilities and the increased risk amongst inactive citizens, it is extremely important to make an effort as soon as possible. Otherwise, the collateral effects of the shutdown and isolation will have far-reaching consequences on the functional abilities of these citizens and for society. And these tiles aren’t only helping the elderly; children in Tanzania with cerebral palsy enjoy the tiles during therapy, while refugee ladies from warzones in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have been opening up for social contact after joyful play. Trials with Moto Tiles amongst people with depression have proved very effective, too. The future of Moto Tiles is bright indeed, with the simple system drawing an international audience that ranges from Europe to Arabia to America. With no cultural or age boundaries, these playful pads have managed to engage across borders. All over the world, Moto Tiles is encouraging the elderly to reject their walking sticks and frames after a period of short-term play. With a clear and apparent impact, it’s no surprise that Moto has gained international attention. This success is a credit to the impressive amount of research that has gone into creating this innovative product. It makes the process of physical rehabilitation into child’s play. Company: Moto Tiles Contact: Henrik Hautop Lund Website: