GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 13 , May21278 InTouch Integrated Rehabilitation Center brings together a dedicated teamof highly trained chiropractors, skilled physical therapists, exercise rehabilitation professionals and podiatrists who are all dedicated to the patient’s goal of a pain-free healthy lifestyle. Recognised by Global Health and Pharmamagazine as Best Integrated Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Centre 2021 – Bahrain, we take a closer look to see how the company earned this title. Reaching Health and Lifestyle Goals Everything InTouch does is centred around its patients and getting them back to a level of health that they wish to achieve, having created a multidisciplinary practice to address its patients’ needs, from the acute stage (where the pain presents itself or when the injury occurs) and on through to wellness care to maintain health and happiness. Since its establishment in 2014, InTouch’s core values have been to lead, to inspire and to collaborate. It sets the gold standard for integrative rehabilitative and preventative care in the GCC by focusing on the continuing education, training and clinical practice of its staff in applying the latest research to improve patient outcomes. It inspires its practitioners to explore their passion for collaborative healthcare, and its patients to take an active role in optimising their health. InTouch aims to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the fields of orthopaedics, neurology, nutrition, psychology, naturopathy, functional medicine and more to provide patients with all the tools to reach their healthcare goals and lead the best quality of life. Treating the general public and also collaborating with various companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, InTouch works with their insurance providers to provide a more efficient system for their staff to access care. Above all, the company loves to share knowledge and educate those that it works with to reach their health and lifestyle goals. InTouch serves a multitude of different clients, from sports professionals and military personnel, to the average person and people with chronic illnesses and injuries. Most of its clients tend to be between the ages of 18 and 54, but it also offers care to individuals outside of this age bracket. Many of its clients are drawn to the clinic based on recommendations from friends or family, and a large number of its new patients find the company via its social media portals. It always tries to serve its patients with the best treatments it can to ensure comfort and happiness. One of the company’s core focuses is that it makes its patients aware of their issues and underlying causes of pain and that their care programme is communicated to them before and during treatment so there is a deep understanding of how to better themselves. There is a great level of support imbued in the ethos of InTouch, with its team functioning like a large extended family. It uses periodical reviews to keeps all practices up to a global standard and gives positive criticism to team members so they are aware of challenges and how to solve problems. It is important that staff are able to develop and support each other, as well as offer diversity and a fresh perspective on how to continue growing the company. Talented staff that have excellent communication and interpersonal skills are a must, and they also should be technically skilled at their specific specialties. InTouch’s workforce is predominately female, with 84 percent of its staff being female (60 percent Bahraini), and the company supports Bahraini women in their long-term career endeavours by providing courses and on the job training. Ultimately, InTouch has a lot of gifted staff who address clients’ needs in a unique way and treat them with the company’s multidisciplinary approach, allowing care providers to not only collaborate with each other but with outside care providers. Meanwhile, the company has been taking the challenges of the pandemic seriously, addressing them daily by ensuring that staff are periodically tested to ensure they are all healthy and they are adequately placed to provide care; that the clinic and all areas are sterilised constantly; and that its clients are given gloves when entering, while following protocols laid out by the Ministry of Health. Although the pandemic has reduced the sheer number of patients treated by InTouch, it has made the best of the situation and taken the opportunity to focus on its business development and strengthening of the company, along with its search for new opportunities. At the moment, it is working on its social media and marketing strategies. InTouch is now looking ahead towards exciting ventures in the form of a new clinic in a different location in Bahrain to give more access to clients, while also hoping to grow its main Janabiyah branch, and even add changes to its spa, Santé. And, of course, the company is always on the lookout for new staff to join its family. Company: InTouch Integrated Chiropractic Rehabilitation Contact: Dr. Amy Bowzaylo