GHP Q2 2021

14 GHP / Q2 2021 , Jan21343 The medical industry uses an enormous array of disposable devices, but the quality of these items must still be impeccable at all times. Grena is one of the leading names in the industry for its precision in this field. In GHP’s MedTech Awards, the teamhit gold, with the awards of Most Innovative Endoscopic Device: OmniFinger Articulating Clip Applier and Leading Innovators inMedical Devices 2020 – UK coming their way. We take a closer look to discover why. Medical Innovators Revolutionise Industry Innovation lies at the heart of so many businesses in the healthcare sector, but for the team at Grena, it’s the only sure-fire way of staying at the forefront of the industry. The team’s commitment to delivering leading products has allowed them to become a staple brand for medical professionals as they know that they can be relied upon to keep people safe. The need to keep patients safe has never been more prescient in the healthcare industry. There are so many different products on the market, with their own unique requirements and demands, it’s vital that a practitioner is able to access what they need, when they need it. The team’s products range enormously from retrieval bags to surgical staplers, from silicone slings to the face masks that have become in such demand during the last eighteen months. Perhaps the team’s most impressive product, and worthily recognised in the MedTech Awards, is their OmniFinger Articulating Clip Applier. This innovative piece of equipment offers medical professionals easy access and exceptional visibility to areas of the body that need treatment. Medical practitioners not only value, but depend on polymer ligating clips to provide essential treatment on their clients. When they buy from the team at Grena, they place a great deal of trust in the team that their products will deliver each and every time. To repay this trust, the team have put into place numerous procedures that reduce the possibilities of anything going wrong. While much of the team’s work revolves around new technologies and a great deal of prototyping, practitioners can be assured that their certified quality management system, based on EN ISO13485:2016, and the use of TÜV Rheinland, Germany as the Notified Body, helps them to serve their clients better. Guiding the team forward at every stage is a sense of collaboration with world- renowned surgeons. It’s not enough to simply make a leading product, it must be fit for purpose in a practical environment. As a result, the team have made it their mission to work with people like Dr Diego Gonzalez Rivas who share the innovative nature of Grena. Many of the team’s newest products have been inspired by his work and have allowed others to carry on and further develop his thinking. The OmniFinger Articulating Clip Applier is just one example of their incredible work. Pushing the boundaries of development is what this team does best, and they have been able to thrive thanks to a constant dialogue with what the rest of the industry needs. Their success is to be commended and certain to lead to better treatment options for patients as the years go on. Company: Grena Name: Konrad Brodaczewski Email: [email protected]