GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 17 Non-thermal Laser Focused on Securing Success enormous potential they possess in increased efficacy, especially compared to standard therapies, without the resultant pain and tissue damage, or downtime. The Erchonia team achieve this exceptional addition to a clinician’s options through careful and thorough investigation via Level One (510k) placebo controlled, double blind, randomised, multicentre clinical trials (using LED in the placebo effect) allowing them to achieve 18 of the 21 US FDA market clearances given to Low Level Lasers. They aren’t just designed to be magnificent examples of engineering, but practical additions to a clinic. Hot lasers carry with them a number of drawbacks, namely the challenges involved in purchasing and maintaining them, as well as the difficulties of patient recovery. A non- thermal laser device is a less expensive treatment overall, while diminishing the safety concerns that are ever present with laser use. ‘True’ non-thermal