GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 25 Growing Position in “Design, Build andMaintain” Market entire width of the controlled environment spectrum and more and more are “design and build” projects. We handle the request together with Kuijpers and we often jointly introduce the PP4CE concept to the prospective client. We start the often-complex assignment together with the client in the stage of defining the URS and with all other PP4CE partners, we then work on the entire process from the initial phase up to the planning and realisation phase, including commissioning and qualification. Thanks to the integrated approach of the entire PP4CE team, we can work faster and at a high-quality level.” The collaboration is now known (inter)nationally as a reliable partner for in time realisation of cleanrooms, containments and laboratories in the various market segments. Food, high- tech or life science projects, large or small, simple or very complex…. the partners within PP4CE are not afraid of a challenge and realise each project within the set time schedule, as they have repeatedly demonstrated in recent years. The list of GMP related “design and build” references is now long and impressive. Paul said, “We started together in 2016 with the realisation of a big hospital-pharmacy for a group of hospitals in the Hague (AHZ). Immediately afterwards, the realisation of the hospital-pharmacy in the Princess Maxima hospital in Utrecht followed, followed by the construction of the APPO pharmacy in Roosendaal. We recently completed the construction project of the hospital-pharmacy for the Catherina Hospital in Eindhoven. We are proud to look at our reference list in which beautiful GMP projects, among other projects at MSD (Organon), ASPEN, FUJI and REPLIGEN are realised. To get a good impression of the quality we deliver, I would advise viewing the short impression film on our site in which we show the result of building a cleanroom for a worldwide leading pharmaceutical company at one of their locations in Amsterdam.” Both entrepreneurs leave no doubt about it: the PP4CE group will strive for further (international) growth and will not shy away from a challenge to realise their objective together with their PP4CE partners! For more information on the PP4CE alliance, please contact initiator Geerd Jansen by emailing [email protected] or calling +31 (0) 6 46 3573 46 . Contact: Geerd Jansen Website: