GHP Q2 2021

26 GHP / Q2 2021 , Apr21603 Having successfully appointedmore than 700 healthcare workers into roles within the UK, Recruit2healthcare has gone from strength-to-strength in the four years since its inception. We speak to Global Account Manager, Emily Phillips to understandmore about the company in the wake of it being awarded Best Specialist Healthcare Recruitment Agency 2021 in the UK. Providing Global Talent for the UK Health Industry Recruit2healthcare Ltd was founded in 2017 by a highly experienced UK-based team specialising in healthcare and in healthcare education, with the aim to innovate within the healthcare sectors. With a wide range of experience in providing employment, training and education solutions for the UK healthcare sector, Recruit2healthcare has two types of client: the NHS and healthcare professionals. Recruit2Healthcare supplies healthcare professionals to more than 45 NHS Trusts in all regions throughout England, with specialisms including critical care, accident and emergency, theatre, medical, orthopaedic and mental health. To date, the organisation has welcomed 700+ candidates who are now registered healthcare professionals in the UK. Interviews are on-going and Recruit2healthcare has been co-coordinating daily interviews for the last two months and is set to keep up its successful rate of interviews which currently stands at 90%. Moreover, in addition to the contribution of skills and experience to the workplace, there is total net saving for employers of £16 million per annum. “We are currently working with and have been appointed by Health Education England (HEE) as partners to work with the Global Learners Programme (GLP), which recruits nurses to the NHS England programme,” explains Global Account Manager, Emily Phillips. “We support healthcare professionals who are seeking employment in the UK. The services we provide to candidates includes assisting with gaining professional registration, support in meeting employment criteria and support in gaining work visas. “At the moment, we are recruiting nurses from India, Malta, Philippines Singapore, UAE and African countries, providing English training, interview support and CBT training for free.” The organisation further provides detailed interview preparation, English language support and online training for the clinical tests that are required, with its unique selling point being exceptional customer service, expertise and an ethical approach to recruitment. “We also pride ourselves on responsiveness and being a ‘one stop shop’ for our clients,” Emily continues. “We value our candidates with our main goal being to provide an ethical and fair service to them. We have no fees to the candidate and seek to work with companies that provide a great relocation package.” The staff base at Recruit2healthcare primarily consists of former NHS employees with a diverse skill set and employees with extensive recruitment experience. Emily cannot stress how important a role the employees of the organisation play in its overall success. “All the staff in the team brings something different to the table however all the staff have the same drive to deliver a great service to both the NHS and the candidate. The team have a good working relationship, are willing to help each other on projects if needed, and also always go the extra mile. Our team is the driving force behind being able to recruit the quality and volume of staff required to meet the needs of the NHS employer.” It is also essential that all the staff at Recruit2healthcare are culturally aware as the agency works with clients form a variety of cultural backgrounds and has a strong and diverse extended network that understands its ethos. The previous high demand for UK healthcare staff has further increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which also posed many challenges for Recruit2healthcare. Candidates due to arrive in the UK to start their employment have had to quarantine for specific periods of time, as well as meet specific Government-led safety standards, however there are systems in place to ensure these are fully met and adhered to. There is also now a global demand for healthcare staff and the market is highly competitive meaning there are various challenges to attracting staff to a particular country over others. Emily believes that the future will see further expansion for Recruit2healthcare and is confident that the organisation’s strong reputation for excellence will ensure its continued success. “Our supply chains are robust and our reputation, as well as the work we have been doing in this area, has led to an influx of enquiries that leads many candidates to us.” The UK has recently changed the global regions where recruitment can occur and has adopted the WHO regions where recruitment can ethically occur. Recruit2healthcare follows the guidance and observes this ethical position. “These changes have now allowed more activity in different global regions and we will operate proactively and ensure responsible and ethical recruitment processes are developed,” she continues. “We wish to have a reputation and legacy of operating with strong ethical principles which drives the business and to date this model has been successful for ourselves and our clients.” Contact: Emily Phillips Company: Recruit2Healthcare Web Address: