GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 27 , Apr21529 Medovate is dedicated to improving patient care by supplying global healthcare providers with innovativeMedTech solutions inspired by clinicians and developed in partnership with the NHS. Its vision is to be recognised as a global provider of specialtymedical devices for anaesthesia, critical care and surgical solutions that help to enhance patient care and quality of life. We at Global Health and Pharmamagazine have recognisedMedovate as the Best Medical Device Innovation Development Company 2021 – UK, so we learnmore about the company. Collaboration, Determination, Enthusiasm What differentiates Medovate from other more traditional medical device companies is its strong association with the NHS. Its technology pipeline is fed through a number of strategic partnerships and relationships, including the NHS innovation hub Health Enterprise East, NHS Trusts and the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) in the UK - all organisations which support and further healthcare innovation. In terms of Medovate’s innovation pathway, it works very closely with NHS clinicians to take their ideas through the full development cycle – and as the inventors, they remain involved throughout the whole process, right through to commercialisation. It’s not a case of simply thanking them for the idea without any further involvement on their side. Medovate is developing innovation for clinicians with clinicians for the benefit of patients. As a small start-up, Medovate is in many ways “punching above its weight”; in the three years since the company was established, it has launched its first product globally, received regulatory approval in key markets such as Europe, Australia and the US, and is working with leading players including Vygon, Mercury Medical and Konica Minolta to get its products to patients across the globe. Medovate’s culture is very much one built on collaboration, determination and enthusiasm to support the development of NHS-created innovation. This does require high levels of commitment and input from staff, but it is also tempered by an appreciation of what the team achieves as a whole, rather than on an individual level. It’s a relatively small team and all staff members know that their input is valuable. Each team member has the necessary expertise and knowledge to ensure that any medical technology or healthcare innovation is in safe hands. Medovate accomplishes its mission by bringing together a strong collective of MedTech specialists, who have the required backgrounds in commercialisation, protecting intellectual property, prototyping, testing, and navigating the regulatory pathway to product launch. The three values that all employees strive for on a daily basis are: partnership, innovation and integrity. Like any other business during the past year, Medovate has had to contend with the business challenges of COVID-19, and it has also had to navigate the changes in regulatory requirements in Europe and challenges brought about by Brexit. With good planning and a strong, competent team, Medovate has been able to navigate these challenges and is in a strong position to engage the healthcare community where possible. In terms of the pandemic, Medovate’s small marketing team was able to pivot quickly and change how it supported its distributors at the launch of SAFIRA® in April 2020 – for instance, transitioning to a digital-based launch and developing supporting assets and a whole suite of tools to help facilitate a new world of remote communication with clinicians. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, through a lot of hard work – and a whole lot of adaption – Medovate managed to launch its first-ever technology to the largest medical devices market in the world and attained regulatory approval for its distribution across a number of new territories. Over the next 12-18 months, Medovate plans to continue to work with its global partners and the regional anaesthesia community to position SAFIRA® as the device of choice for supporting safer regional anaesthesia. As SAFIRA® is a technology platform, there are a number of exciting new additions to come this year, including an NRFit™ syringe and a palm operator device. Next up in Medovate’s development portfolio is GLUCOSAVE™, a pioneering life-saving solution for arterial blood gas monitoring; and HUMIDICARE®, which is a novel Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) that visually highlights to clinicians when an error is present in some mechanical ventilation circuits. On the company’s horizon is ENDOVAC, a novel technology which progresses Endoluminal Vacuum Therapy (EVT) for the upper GI tract (e.g. through esophagectomy surgery in treating cancer). Medovate is also aiming to continue to build strong relationships with leading names in the MedTech field to bring pioneering NHS innovations to the market. Additionally, it is seeing an interesting advancement in that SAFIRA® is diversifying into the veterinary field, where the technology can be used by vets to improve the delivery of regional anaesthesia. In a recent world first, SAFIRA® was used during dental surgery on a lion. Company: Medovate Ltd Contact: Tracy Eke Website: