GHP Q2 2021

28 GHP / Q2 2021 , Apr21425 Headquartered in Turkey, R&D firmWinPet Medical has recently been awarded the accolade of Best for Animal Injury Support Products 2021. We speak to the company founder to discover more about its innovative product line and to find out how the world is its oyster! Winners By Name, Winners By Nature Established 12 years ago by veterinarian physician, Emirhan Yaramanci, WinPet Medical is a research and development company that strives to develop new products by seeing the shortcomings and needs in the animal health and care sector. Each and every year, an average of 60% of the company’s turnover is reinvested into R&D activities and the brand has ongoing innovative product development projects. Following many years of research, Dr Yaramanci invented the wound protective corset designed to aid and assist in an animal’s post-operative recovery, which was created to fill a niche gap in the market. “One of the important problems of the veterinary profession is that the post-operative process of pet patients,” he explains. “A pet patient who tries to overcome the trauma experienced by the operation also experiences the trouble of losing the comfort of life due to the conventional methods. This condition triggers feelings of depression and anxiety in the patient which can cause permanent psychological damage.” WinPet Wound Protective Corset is an innovative method that emerged as a complete solution to post-operative recovery problem. Using the WinPet corset, the wound heals much faster and is less complicated than conventional methods. The product is innovative and unique in the market due to the fabric that it is made from, as well as its technical and design features. “In the sector, there are products sold under the name post-operative dress-clothing,” continues Dr Yaramanci. “However, none of these products are made of technical fabrics, they are ordinary textiles and can only be described as post-operative pyjamas. Therefore, these clothes are not functional due to production materials and design deficiencies for the postoperative process.” WinPet Wound Protective Corset is a medical product made of nanotechnological technical fabric for accurate and effective management of the healing process. The corset protects the wound not only from the patient but also from all the negatives effects of external factors, therefore the wound heals safely, hygienically, and quickly beneath the structure, which is similar to skin tissue. As part of the firm’s corporate culture, every new customer, dealer clinic or staff member is welcomed to the WinPet family and Dr Yaramanci believes that behind every successful company lies a successful and dedicated staff base. “If you have big goals such as becoming a global brand, you can do this with an educated, professional, expert, loyal and visionary team,” he enthuses. “First of all, we want to work with expert personnel who collaborate effectively with great team spirit.” The WinPet corset has been in high demand in the domestic market for the last three years and was on the brink of launching into the global pet market when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Not only was the country of Turkey negatively affected but WinPet Medical felt the pinch too. Initially, the supply of raw materials was impacted; however, WinPet did not let this adversity hold it back and continued to create new and exciting opportunities. In fact, due to the company changing its marketing channels to predominantly online, it was able to reach more people and therefore saw an increase in sales. “During the pandemic process, more people started to look after pets in their homes and the demand for our product has increased,” states Dr Yaramanca. “Physical customer visits and sales-marketing activities have been replaced by digital media and e-commerce platforms as the reaction of the whole world. In this context, our company started product sales and marketing work through and Wish.” Regarding the future, Dr Yaramanca has high hopes as the world slowly returns to normal and has big plans for the next 12 months. As well as wanting to enter into the European and American markets, the company established another company in the USA in early 2021. “In this context, we are looking for professional business partners on a national and regional basis,” he explains. “It is planned to provide regional distributorships, especially in the North American continent and Europe, which are considered the heart of the world pet market. “By the end of 2021, the product scale will be developed and other parts of the Wound Protective Corset will be completed along with new designs. In addition, WinPet expects to increase the growth of the market of its product and increase brand awareness in online platforms in 2021.” Contact: Emirhan Yaramanci Company: WinPet Medical Web Address: